The BookPeople Podcast Presents: David Lagercrantz

9780451494344_a5a17Last week we had the opportunity of hosting David Lagercrantz in-store to present his latest entry in the Millenium Series, The Girl Who Lived Twice.

He sat down with local mystery writer Chandler Baker (The Whisper Network, 2019) to discuss the challenges overcome in continuing the much-lauded and bestselling series Stieg Larsson began, writing the singular Lisbeth Salanderand his decision to hand the series over to another writer after now writing as many books as Larsson had before his sudden death.

It’s an engaging conversation and you can replay it here and on most major platforms that serve up your podcast needs. Signed copies of The Girl Who Lived Twice and Chandler Baker’s The Whisper Network are available in-store and online at

Be sure to check back next week as we unveil a new episode with an event we loved or think you should give a listen to. You can also check out our past episodes and discover a great new read.

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