BookKids: Resolutions to Becoming a Joyful Nerd

Inspired by the new year, we’ve set new goals for ourselves! Reading goals, that is. Over the next few months, our booksellers will share their own personal journeys to achieve their reading goals. Below, Kids bookseller & event host Savannah tells us about her own personal resolution to read at least 4 books per month! Keep up with the series here.

New Year’s resolutions are rough, at least they’ve always been rough for me. I am simply not good on following through. I am energized and excited for the first month and then my life routine kicks back into gear and I forget. Hence, I have given up on making New Year’s resolutions the past few years. “Why bother?” has become my mantra. I know you’re waiting for it, you can hear it coming, so without further ado, I give you… the BUT. BUT this year I am making a resolution. I am resolving to read four books a month! Specifically, four children’s and/or young adult books.


I plan on reading all types of books! They can be YA (my go-to), middle grade, picture books, or kids’ graphic novels. I simply have to try and read four each month and if I get to more, the better. One thing I am not going to do is punish or chastise myself horrifically if I don’t reach my goal every month. New Year’s resolutions are a time to grow and improve yourself, they don’t have to be laws that you’re terrified of breaking. Okay, maybe I’m making two resolutions this year: (1) read four kids books a month, and (2) be kind to myself. We are all flawed human beings who deserve a break. Push yourself and reach for your goals, but remember that it is okay to take a break and not always strive for perfection. 

For the month of February I  met my goal of reading four books and I believe I might even finish five!

9780735232112I began the month with Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough. The novel, written in verse, is based on the real life of Artemisia Gentileschi, a female Italian painter from the 16th century who is largely forgotten by history.  Beautiful, captivating, and enraging — Blood Water Paint is paramount to the literary conversations of today!

Next I read Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy. A female Arthur reincarnation, evil tyrannical corporation, and serious LGBTQ representation– what more could a reader ask for? Be on the lookout for Once & Future when it comes out in March! Then I read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas and you’ll just have to check out our next “What We’re Lovin'” post to see all MY UTTER EXCITEMENT for this book.

Last but not least, I just finished Comics Will Break Your Heart by Faith Erin Hick. Nerd, geek, dork — whatever you want to be called, this is the book for you! Especially if you’re a comichead. Comics Will Break Your Heart by Faith Erin Hicks is full of disguised comic history and lore! I will say that if you’re not a comic nerd a lot of the jokes and references might go over your head, so additional research might be required as it was for me.

Overall February has been a jam-packed month and I could not be happier! Here’s to sharing a little kindness with yourself and those around you! Here’s to setting goals and remembering that reading is exciting, all-consuming, and pure joy!

-Savannah B, Kids Bookseller & Events Host

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