The Nightmare Factory Celebrates The Fear Of Growing Old With Peter Straub’s GHOST STORY!

Peter Straub’s Ghost Story opens with a question: “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”
The Nightmare Factory Book Club would like to answer that question with one of its own: “How much time you got?”
For the last six years, The Nightmare Factory has met around the campfire at BookPeople every month to tell each other the scary stories that define our lives.  We have admittedly had help from some of the wickedest names in horror fiction, but every pointed analysis of an unexpected plot twist — every eye-roll at a ham-fisted deus ex machina — has pried the porthole into our blackened and skillet-fried souls a little wider.  Because The Nightmare Factory knows that great stories are never told about the bland, interstitial moments that tie a life together.  Great stories are made of the hours of uncertainty, calamity, and horror that draw out the true extremes of your spirit.  Every great story is a ghost story.
Join us tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the cafe at BookPeople to discuss Ghost Story by Peter Straub.  It’s a gnarled, twisty, insidious bezoar of a book about the evil that exists in the world and the consequences of storytelling.  The conversation promises to be circuitous, complicated, and convivial, so swing by for a chat about the stories that make your soul shiver.  What’s the point of society if not to fight back the phantoms together?
Tonight marks the sixth anniversary of the Nightmare Factory Book Club.  Here’s to six hundred and sixty more years!
– Steve(n) W.

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