New Books 7/4! Happy Independence Day!


What This Story Needs Is A Vroom and A Zoom

Emma Virján

In this fifth and final installment of the PIG IN A WIG series, Emma Virján sends Pig on the road! But will car trouble derail Pig’s important cross country car race? Find out in Emma Virján’s latest What This Story Needs Is A Vroom and A Zoom! Join us Tuesday, July 11TH at 10:30AM for a very special storytime with Emma Virján, reading her latest PIG IN A WIG story!




The HikeThe Hiuke

Drew Magary

Who doesn’t love a good odyssey? The Hike by Drew Magary is out in paperback today and is the fantastically woven story inspired by folktale and video game that you’ve been waiting for. When Ben goes out for a hike, he expects to be home in time for that meeting and dinner with his family. But when unimaginable horror sends him on a panic-struck race through the woods until he’s thoroughly lost, it’s going to take everything in his power…along with a profane crustacean and a veritable arsenal of magical objects to find his way back to his family. Don’t miss the event we’re hosting for GQ correspondent and Chopped champion Drew Magary, July 12TH at 7PM!





The Hour Of Land

Terry Tempest Williams

Part memoir, part natural history, and part social critique, The Hour Of Land is a meditation and a manifesto on why wild lands matter to the soul of America. Exploring the natural history and societal significance of national parks across the United States, Williams’ work discusses how we have both shaped and been shaped by the protected wilds of our nation. Today The Hour of Land is finally out in paperback! Join us July 20TH at 7PM as we welcome author, environmentalist, and activist Terry Tempest Williams to speak about and sign her beautiful book.





Out In The Open

Jesús Carrasco

Out in the Open is Jesús Carrasco’s debut novel, the English translation of  award-winning Intemperie. Readers of dystopian fiction will love Carrasco’s story about a young boy who has fled his home. In a world ravaged by drought and ruled by violence, the boy, not yet a lost cause, has the chance to choose hope and bravery, or to live forever mired in the violence with which he grew up. Carrasco showcases immense talent and marks himself as a writer to watch with the world he has created and the way he reflects the anxieties of our time.





The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo

Ian Stansel

A true western story of two brothers, The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo comes highly recommended by Raul, our 1st floor inventory manager. He says “A finely tuned and tense novel about the love between brothers and the hell they can put each other through– Frank and Silas grow up raising horses in California, a skill that brings them both fame and acclaim. This book feeds into the revenge motif popular in westerns and paints a beautiful picture of horses…the majesty and power as well as warmth and intelligence of these great animals comes through.”





Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich has once again written narrative nonfiction that reads like the best kind of sci-fi thriller. Woolly is the story of a Harvard geneticist, Dr. George Church, and his team as they tried to bring the woolly mammoth back from extinction. They traveled to Siberia, where DNA of the extinct animal was buried in ice and brought it back to Harvard. Mezrich illuminates the race against global warming, the power of modern technology, and the ethical quandary of cloning extinct animals.




MadeForLoveMade For Love

Alissa Nutting

Bookseller Molly M is recommending MADE FOR LOVE for the ultimate in summer reading fun. She says “I don’t think I’ve gotten this much sheer pleasure from a book in a long while. It’s freaking off-the-wall-bonkers in the best way. We follow Hazel, recently escaped from her top-of-the-tech-world psycho of a husband (who desires to place a chip in her brain so that they may ‘meld’ consciousnesses), as she battles through hyper-surveillance for a life off the grid. Along the way, she meets a truly delightful cast of characters, gets into some absurd hi-jinks, and works through the piles of garbage the world has tossed her way so far. Ditch the jetskis — this is all the summer fun you’re gonna need!”



FlagWorthDyingForA Flag Worth Dying For

Tim Marshall

Combining keen analysis of current events with world history, Tim Marshall explains flags, their symbols, and how their power is used to unite and divide populations and intimidate enemies.For thousands of years flags have represented our hopes and dreams. We wave them. Burn them. March under their colors. And still, in the twenty-first century, we die for them. Flags fly at the UN, on Arab streets, from front porches in Texas. They represent the politics of high power as well as the politics of the mob. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of global reporting experience to reveal the true meaning behind the symbols that unite us—and divide us—A Flag Worth Dying For is a winning combination of current affairs, politics, and world history.


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