Announcing the new Trust Fall selection!

We’re thrilled to announce our new Trust Fall subscription club pickThe Leavers by Lisa Ko.

IMG_5929Eugenia says “I devoured The Leavers in a matter of hours, desperate to know about the fate of Peilan—hoping that whatever happened that day when she disappeared from her son’s life, she had somehow found her way to safety, and maybe even happiness. I loved when the story shifted to Peilan’s perspective, so we could witness up close her sacrifices, her choices, and her undying desire for more. This is necessary storytelling that reminds me how much I do not know about cultures different from my own, about other countries and languages, and just how much I have yet to learn. Lisa Ko’s writing is beautiful, smart, and honest, and Peilan and Deming Guo will stay with me for a long, long time.”

Inside the box you’ll find a signed, first edition of The Leavers, a mixtape enamel pin, an exclusive Q&A with Lisa Ko, and the spring 2017 Algonquin reader.

Order your box now, they’ll begin shipping later this week.


Trust Fall is a program designed to highlight must-read debut or break out novels we believe in. Previous picks include Station Eleven, The Nix, and The Mothers. You can sign up for a quarterly subscription and receive four picks a year, or choose to order the latest package on its own.

Praise for The Leavers: 

“There was a time I would have called Lisa Ko’s novel beautifully written, ambitious, and moving, and all of that is true, but it’s more than that now: if you want to understand a forgotten and essential part of the world we live in, The Leavers is required reading.” —Ann Patchett, author of Commonwealth

“Courageous, sensitive, and perfectly of this moment: The Leavers is everything I could hope for in a winner of the Bellwether Prize.”
—Barbara Kingsolver

“In The Leavers, Lisa Ko has created one of the most courageous mother character’s in recent memory. Polly is brash, brave and heartbreaking and her ferocity is marvelous to behold. The Leavers is about the bonds between parents and children and the many pulls of home. It was a book I did not want to end.”
—Kaitlyn Greenidge, author of We Love You, Charlie Freeman

“One of 2017’s most anticipated fiction debuts… The winner of last year’s PEN/Bellwether Prize, which recognizes fiction that explores issues of social justice, The Leavers feels as relevant as ever as the future of immigrants in America hangs in the balance.”

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