The Nightmare Factory Book Club – Death Thing

It’s finally that magical time of the year when we in the greater literary community can turn the furnace up and let our guard down. Have some nog. Have a bunch. Marvel at the miracle that is universal, human compassion. Rejoice in the stability of a world where everything is protected by booby traps – glorious, rusty, jagged, hair-trigger booby traps!

Last night in the cafe at BookPeople, the Nightmare Factory Book Club celebrated a world gone mad as we toasted the demented world of Andrew Hilbert and his psychopathic debut bloodbath Death Thing.

In a world remarkably similar to our own, a deadbeat day-drunk takes the law into his own hands. If bums and criminals won’t stop breaking into Gilbert’s car, Gilbert won’t stop breaking into their skulls. Bullets and shrapnel fly, gore and viscera flows, and justice is meted out one Lone Star at a time. Death Thing is cathartic proof that literature can be weaponized.

Drive your deathtraps down to BookPeople next month on Tuesday, January 17th to blow raspberries in the face of the coming super-Apocalypse with the deadliest book club in town, the Nightmare Factory. We’re here to embrace every castaway, scumbag, and mongrel of the horror fiction world, so you’ll fit right in. Fasten your seat belts, place your hands firmly at 10 and 2, scrutinize the carnage in the rear view, and accelerate, with the Nightmare Factory as your co-pilot, into a fireball of glory.

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