Box Brown’s TETRIS is here!

9781626723153Have you ever played TETRIS?  

Since you are reading this on an electronic device, chances are very good that you have – and you are not alone.  An estimated one billion people have played TETRIS.  It’s considered to be one of the best video games created and has sold around 495 million copies since its creation in 1984.

Box Brown (author/illustrator of the 2014 New York Times best seller ANDRE THE GIANT : LIFE & LEGEND) dedicates his new graphic novel to telling the complex tale of how TETRIS changed our world.  

Alexey Pajitnov was a Russian computer scientist working on artificial intelligence when he created TETRIS in his spare time.  Inspired by two of his favorite hobbies (pentominoes & tennis), Alexey gave his game freely to friends and coworkers, tapping into a universal desire to create order from chaos.  From these humble beginnings unravels a story of secret meetings, Soviet state owned organization (ELORG) takeovers, unauthorized deals, and court room battles.  Through Box Brown’s clear & distinct style we see how a simple game produced as a labor of love unexpectedly became the first entertainment software from the USSR to be exported to the US.

Box Brown’s greatest gift may be his ability to reveal a hidden, unseen side to things that are bigger than life.   The end result is a better appreciation of something that has provided so much joy and hours of entertainment – a feat in which Box Brown excels.

Join us Saturday, October 15th at 3pm when he’s here in conversation with Austin Kleon — they’ll talk about TETRIS and graphic novels and you might even get to play some TETRIS!

blog post by Bryan Sansone, BookPeople Manager

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