Teen Thursday (8/18/16)

Copy of TEEN BANNER UPDATE (2)It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

We’re bringing you YA news from around the globe and highlights from the BookPeople Teen Press Corps Blog! Don’t forget to check out the blog for new reviews, event reports, and other teen news!

Upcoming Fall Events!

upcoming teen events

We had a bunch of events this fall announced at our Carnival of Books last weekend! Here’s a preview of the September YA and chapter book events–see you there! Check out our online calendar here.

From the Teen Press Corps!

9780373211586Daughters Unto Devils
by Amy Lucavics

From Haley:

Daughters Unto Devils is the craziest, scariest, too-spooky-to-read-at-night-est book I have ever read. In other words, it was AWESOME. This novel takes place around the time of Little House on the Prairie, which is super exciting because most horror books are set in the modern day. The writing reflects the time period beautifully, and it is beyond me how the author Amy Lukavics portrays the setting so realistically, down to detailed accounts of the clothing the characters wear, their means of transportation (caravan—how nifty!), and the daily activities each member of the family is tasked with. And don’t worry, there’s a dash of romance, too! Just don’t get too attached to anyone… you never know what might happen with a demon or two on the loose!”

Read more from Haley’s review here. 

Scripted9780147518019 by Maya Rock

From Haley:

Scripted, by Maya Rock, is the most unique book I have read all year.  It was incredible.  Nettie is refreshingly real (especially for a character on a scripted reality show), and the characters are all so distinct and original, with their own special quirks and hopes and fears that distinguish them from one another.  Plus, the world building is spectacular.  Information is given on a need-to-know basis, which unravels the story in the most mysterious of ways.  Overall, this was an amazing, amazing read.  It’s perfect for the reader who is looking for a book that extends past the usual YA tropes.  It also definitely changed my perception of reality television.”

Read more from Haley’s review here. 

9780062338174Ms. Bixby’s Last Day by John David Anderson

From Miriam:

“Ms. Bixby was everyone’s favorite teacher. She always had a good quote, had the best reading voices, and made everyone feel special. No one wanted to say goodbye when she had to leave. Three boys just decided that they had to have the perfect goodbye for their most favorites teacher ever.

Although this book was a little more elementary than the books I normally read I still enjoyed it and almost cried at the end. My favorite character was Topher because he had a wonderful imagination and could always find the art in things. You couldn’t really have a least favorite character in this book and I didn’t. It’s a funny and great read for kids. I wish it would’ve keep going, I almost didn’t want it to end.”

Read more from Miriam’s review here.

queen of heartsQueen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

From Evelyn:

Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes is a deliciously morbid book which twists the well-known Wonderland into a cruel kingdom lead by a violent and malicious King of Hearts. Dinah, the king’s daughter, Princess of Hearts, and heir to the throne, is an amazing character. Her voice mixes the innocence of her youth and the bloodthirsty tinge of her bloodline into a complex narrator I loved to read. I loved the darkness and violence hid behind splendor and wealth, and the world the author created sucked me into this unrecognizable Wonderland. Anyone who loves plot-twists and surprises would definitely enjoy Queen of Hearts.”

Check out Evelyn’s review on the TPC blog here.

Volunteer for TTBF!

TTBFLogoTransparentFrom the Texas Teen Book Festival: “We’re just two months away from the big event, and we’re ready to begin signing up volunteers!  So, check your calendar, and sign up to help us pull off our best festival yet!

Volunteers are needed for venue and bookstore set up on  Friday, September 30, 2016 and for the festival on Saturday, October 1, 2016. You may sign up for as many shifts as you can handle. However, if you sign up, make sure you show up! We are depending on you!”

Check out the details and sign up here.

News from The Bookosphere!

Transgender Themes Enter Teen Fiction

From USA Today: “In May, Meredith Russo’s literary debut arrived in the world, one of countless first novels published every year in search of readers. But Russo’s If I Was Your Girl  — the story of a transgender teenage girl named Amanda who is in love with a boy named Grant — had deep personal resonance.

“I wanted to write the story I needed myself” as a teenager, says Russo, 29, a trans woman in Chattanooga, Tenn., who remembers growing up with only negative cultural messages about trans people. “I wanted to create a power fantasy for trans kids.”

If people judge a book by its cover, If I Was Your Girl carries a message with its striking photograph of trans model Kira Conley.”


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