New books 8/16!

Ach3o3p8wuaaqlc8-nocrop-w529-h848my Schumer – Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo

Amy Schumer understands us. She’s a critically-acclaimed comedian, but she’s also your truth-telling best friend. In The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy mines her past for stories about her teenage years, her family, relationships, and sex and shares the experiences that have shaped who she is — a woman with the courage to bare her soul to stand up for what she believes in, all while making us laugh.

fc9780525429852Lydia Pyne – Seven Skeletons

Local author Lydia Pyne has written an irresistible journey of discovery, science, history, and myth making, told through the lives and afterlives of seven famous human ancestors. With wit and insight, Pyne brings to life each of these 7 fossils, and how it is described, put on display, and shared among scientific communities and the broader public.


fc9780812988901Graham Moore – Last Days of Night

“There was once a time when the night dominated the lives of man – until the invention of the light bulb. Moore’s book is a great account of these last days and he takes an actual factual event and adorns it with thrilling story of deceit and betrayal. When Westinghouse, one of the dominant rich men who make new technologies, is sued by Edison over the patent of the light bulb, he takes on an untested lawyer, Paul Cravath, and puts him in charge of defending this lawsuit worth one billion dollars. Since the suit is parceled out among many companies, Cravath is forced to defend over three hundred separate suits, and he employs an untried and unorthodox strategy to succeed. A vivid and elegant portrait of an age where technology was like magic and all the inventors were wizards.”

— Raul Chapa, 1st Floor Inventory Manager

fc9780399562631Forrest Leo – Gentleman

A funny, fantastically entertaining debut novel, in the spirit of Wodehouse and Monty Python, about a famous poet who inadvertently sells his wife to the devil–then recruits a band of adventurers to rescue her. Lionel Savage, the poet, and his friends encounter trapdoors, duels, anarchist-fearing bobbies, the social pressure of not knowing enough about art history, and the poisonous wit of his poetical archenemy. Leo Forrest has previously worked as a carpenter, a photographer, and in a cubicle, but will make a splash as a writer with this book.

fc9780316229265N.K. Jemisin –  The Obelisk Gate

The Obelisk Gate continues the trilogy that began with the multi-award-nominated The Fifth Season, which the New York Times called “intricate and extraordinary.” In this installment, the season of endings grows darker, as civilization fades into the long cold night. Essun — once Damaya, once Syenite, now avenger — has found shelter, but not her daughter. Instead there is Alabaster Tenring, destroyer of the world, with a request. But if Essun does what he asks, it would seal the fate of the Stillness forever.

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