MOBY’s Porcelain Playlist: A Memoir Soundtrack

From one of the most interesting and iconic musicians of our time comes a piercingly tender, funny, and harrowing account of the path from suburban poverty and alienation to a life of beauty, squalor and unlikely success out of the NYC club scene of the late ’80s and ’90s. Moby has had his fair share of trial and error but has come out on top. We couldn’t be more excited to have this icon at our store Sunday, June 19 at 2PM to speak and sign Porcelain: A Memoir.

Moby was even generous enough (and cool enough!) to create a list of songs (download them all here) to go along with the book:

“The music in Porcelain is almost as important a character in the book as I am. To that end I’ve compiled a collection of songs written about in the book, both my songs and other people’s songs, in a little time capsule to accompany the book. These songs all remind me of the New York that I lived in and was smitten with from 1989 – 1999.”

Songs by Moby on the list:

  1. mobility
  2. go! (woodtick mix)
  3. ah ah
  4. next is the e
  5. rock the house
  6. thousand
  7. feeling so real
  8. god moving over the face of the waters
  9. come on baby
  10. that’s when i reach for my revolver
  11. honey
  12. natural blues
  13. bodyrock
  14. why does my heart feel so bad?
  15. porcelain

Featured songs by other artists:

  1. raze – break 4 luv
  2. 808 state – pacific state
  3. a tribe called quest – scenario
  4. precious – definition of a track
  5. jungle brothers – i’ll house you
  6. audio 2 – top billing
  7. aly-us – follow me
  8. big daddy kane – raw
  9. run – dmc – pause
  10. joey beltram – energy flash
  11. t.99 – anasthesia (out of history mix)
  12. dream frequency – feel so real
  13. jay dee – plastic dreams
  14. strafe – set it off


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