This month we are spotlighting independent publishers because we love them. They sift through the unheard of or the unwanted by big publishing houses. The ones that seem far, far away. On Monday we shined the light on A Strange Object, today we are putting that light on Unnamed Press.

“The Unnamed Press publishes literature from around the world. Whether it’s fiction, memoir or something in between, we are always interested in unlikely protagonists, undiscovered territories and courageous voices.”

Launched in 2013 by C.P. Heiser and Olivia Taylor Smith, Unnamed Press has a mission to find those who are, well, unnamed.

Some of those unnamed, that they have published include Carly J. Hallman’s Year of the Goose, (who we had her in our store last November!), Kristiina Ehin’s Walker on Water, and Fabienne Josaphat’s Dancing in the Baron’s Shadow

Now we’re excited to introduce two more debut authors that are published by Unnamed Press, Benjamin Rybeck and Drew Nellins Smith! They will be at our store Wednesday, June 15 at 7PM to introduce and sign their new books The Sadness and Arcade.

Reviews of The Sadness:

9781939419705The Sadness is a moody, fascinating novel about fame, disappointment, and the burdens of family. Benjamin Rybeck writes with equal authority about film and sibling relationships and romantic obsession, and tells a gripping story along the way.” —Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers

“Benjamin Rybeck’s The Sadness may be a first novel, but the control and assuredness of the writing makes it feel like the work of a much more experienced writer. It’s a book full of wisdom about the fumbling, grasping attempts we all make to fill the emptiness inside us, a book that ultimately leaves the reader feeling less alone in the world.” —Joshua Furst, author of The Sabotage Cafe

Reviews of Arcade

9781939419729“Smith has one of the most honest and original voices of any of our young novelists. He’s willing to tear his guts out for us—like the greats do—and remind us that, terrified and confused though we are, we’re not alone. He’s also hilariously funny and a beautiful stylist. Read this book! You will love it—and its author.” —Clancy Martin, author of Bad Sex

“I entered Arcade expecting to be shocked and was—by the beauty and humor with which Drew Nellins Smith captures a place that most often remains hidden. Peel off the metaphoric brown paper wrapper of Arcade and allow yourself to be titillated by his gorgeous prose.” —Lori Ostlund, author of After the Parade


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