Publisher Spotlight: Melville House

mirror thiefWe post here about book after book, but rarely do we talk about the publishers behind the books. We are gearing up for a great event next week with Martin Seay (Monday, May 16th at 7pm) and his new book, Mirror Thief, which is the new hot release from independent publisher Melville House.

Melville House is a small publisher, relatively speaking, putting out 50-60 books a year, but those books range from timely, topical nonfiction to poetry in translation. There is something on their list for every reader once you start looking.

Mirror Thief is already a favorite at independent bookstores like BookPeople, and you’ll want to check out this graphic to read what booksellers everywhere are saying.

Martin Seay will be here to speak in conversation with Kirk Lynn, whose book Rules for Werewolves was also published by Melville House. Lithub called it, “A unique, engaging way to tell a story,” and that, perhaps, is more indicative of what Melville House’s style is than anything else.

In addition to these novels (and others like them), Melville House puts out a variety of nonfiction. David Graeber’s Debt: the First 5,000 Yearswhich became a bestseller, is perhaps one of their best known works, but the list includes a huge variety of art, food, biography, history, science, and more.

My personal favorite is the Last Interview series, which collect interviews and in some cases essays or introductions by authors and philosophers spanning a wide breadth of writers from Nora Ephron to Philip K. Dick to James Baldwin and more.

Indie presses are much like indie bookstores in their ability to showcase and promote some of the best books you’d never get to read otherwise – with a smaller list of books they are able to draw attention to new authors, unknown authors, authors in translation, and more. There is a special level of creativity there that can get lost with larger publishers, and it’s very exciting for us to be able to host their authors and help them in sharing these books.

In addition to publishing great books, Melville House is one of our favorite parts of the literary Internet. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram for hilarious updates and, of course, information on what new projects they have coming up. And don’t miss their famous MobyLives blog, one of the first, most well-known, and best book blogs out there.

Mark your calendars for Monday, 5/16 at 7pm and join us to hear Martin Seay and Kirk Lynn, and keep an eye out here for information about other independent presses we are excited about over the summer!


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    First, I’ve loved Melville House for a long time. Second, I’ll be reviewing ‘The Mirror Thief’ for Cleaver Magazine this month! Dig this review — thanks for sharing, Book People!

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