The Authors & Auteurs Book Club Takes on ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN

9781476770512For May’s Authors and Auteurs Bookclub, we venture into fresh territory: journalism and
current event dramatization. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the film adaptation All the President’s Men which depicts the early months of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s investigative reporting of the Watergate burglary – and if I may get on my soapbox briefly, can we stop referring to all political scandals as “gates?” The association makes no sense at all – and ultimately the espionage, election tampering and cover up overseen by the Nixon administration.
This will be a rare occasion to compare the immediate articles, book, and dramatization which were all published and released within five years of each other and the events therein, as well as the retrospective afterword on the book’s current edition; hindsight has also unearthed new details, Deep Throat’s identity for instance…
Watergate was an essential trauma of American history and we will be anxious and curious to see what our discussion of this material and the atmosphere around it yields. Please come join us this Sunday, May 1st at 4pm.

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