Teen Thursday! (4/14/16)

Copy of TEEN BANNER UPDATE (2)It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

We’re bringing you YA news from around the globe and highlights from the BookPeople Teen Press Corps Blog! Don’t forget to check out the blog for new reviews, event reports, and other teen news!

April Buzz Book

rebel-of-the-sandsRebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Maddy says, “In the fantasy genre, a book is either absolutely terrible or phenomenal. Rebel of the Sands, by Alwyn Hamilton falls into the latter. I was instantly gripped by the main character, Amala, a clever girl with a good shot and a plan to escape a town where she doesn’t belong. When the opportunity to get out comes in the shape of a mysterious foreigner, Amala is thrown into a crazy story of weapons and power, as she fights to stay alive. When I finished reading this masterpiece, all I wanted to do was get the next book. My heart is breaking waiting to be thrown back into the story that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s a splendid mix of action and heart, Rebel of the Sands deserves to be the next big thing in literature.”

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Upcoming YA Events

Sunday, May 8th at 2PMIlluminae Ray V6FrontOnlyA2A_V3.inddruined_jkt – Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, & Amy Tintera

Join us today for an amazing day of YA! Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff will be here speaking and signing Illuminae, the incredibly creative space epic! Amy Tintera will join them, speaking and signing Ruined, the first in a new series! Join us this afternoon and explore the wonderful world of YA.

let-the-wind-rise-9781481446549_hrtumblr_nx8jbos0is1qiiqz4o1_1280Thursday, May 12th at 7PM – Shannon Messenger & Chris Howard

Join us this Teen Thursday for a fantastic joint event from Shannon Messenger and Chris Howard! Shannon Messenger is here speaking and signing Let the Wind Rise, the epic conclusion to the Sky Fall series! Chris Howard is here discussing and signing Night Speed, about an addictive new drug that gives its users superhuman strength and speed! Come out tonight for a magnificent YA event!9780373212057_fc_proof

Friday, May 20th at 6PM – Jennifer Armentrout

BookPeople loves Jennifer Armentrout! We have had a blast with her in the past and we are looking forward to hosting her for her new young adult novel, about a shy young woman (nicknamed Mouse) and a boy she knew in another life, when they lived in the same foster home. Join us tonight as she speaks and signs The Problem With Forever.

Reviews from the Teen Press Corps


The Dark Days Club is about a young woman, Lady Helen, in early 19th century London discovering a world of demons hidden in society. The demons, called Deceivers, look exactly like humans, fooling and killing many. Helen learns that she has special abilities that allows her to fight them. All the while, the mysterious Lord Carlston hangs around and helps her discover who she is and how she fits in.

Read more of Aurora’s review here.


The Darkest Corners was so creepy and horrifying that I couldn’t help but stay up until I finished it- and then I stayed awake because it’s impossible to sleep after a story like that. I could never have guessed how twisted everything really was. The novel was about as dark of a psychological thriller as you can get while still being marketed for teenagers. There were no overwhelmingly graphic depictions, but imagining it on your own takes it to a darker place than if it had been written down.

More from Emily’s review here.


The author of the Grisha trilogy, Leigh Bardugo has once again blown me away with Six of Crows. Taking place in the same magical world as the Grisha trilogy, this story follows Kaz Brekker, an infamous criminal leader.  When Kaz is tasked with an impossible mission to break into the most fortified place on the planet to find a scientist, he must put together an elite crew to accomplish the task.

Read the rest of Maddy’s review here. 


Rethinking Normal is an incredibly emotionally-charged memoir. Katie’s to-the-point writing style is deeply personal, as if the reader is a close friend to whom she is telling her story.

About two years ago, I came across the staged photo-shoot with Arin, which she mentions in the book. I read the accompanying article and moved on, never stopping to consider that their journeys were more complex than the article covered.

More about Rethinking Normal here.



Richelle Mead’s new book The Glittering Court is the story of a headstrong and resourceful girl, who runs away from her privileged life, changes her identity, and joins the Glittering Court. Only one person knows her true identity and “Adelaide” wants to keep it that way. To do this, she and Cedric make a deal: Cedric will keep her identity secret, if “Adelaide” helps him obtain the money he needs, for what, she has no idea and isn’t planning on finding out.

More from Mia’s review here. 

News from Hollywood

In case you missed it, the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out! Check out this teaser for the wonderful world of Wizarding New York. And if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, pick up the original by Newt Scamander here.

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