BookPeople Explores the Digital Media Landscape During SXSW

This post comes from Meike, a member of our event team.

BookPeople kicked off SXSW with two author events with outstanding material on leveraging social media engagement and other management information for the small business owner.  If you weren’t able to make it to the events, here’s a quick rundown.

9781626565807Rusty Shelton and Barbara Cave Henricks joined us with their new book, Mastering the New Media:  Embrace the Micromedia Landscape.  Shelton is the founder and CEO of Shelton Interactive, an award- winning digital marketing and PR agency.  Henricks is founder and president of Cave Communications, which has led numerous large publicity campaigns. These two marketing and PR experts have provided a comprehensive yet concise guide that an individual or small business can use to leverage three crucial categories of media—earned, rented, and owned—to create “a positive feedback loop that will generate massive momentum and grow a large, loyal audience for your message”.  Shelton and Henricks walk you through each form of media and provide a detailed guide on how to implement and execute engagement. Whether you’re an individual looking for a job, a professional seeking greater exposure, a small business owner wanting to market more effectively, or a seasoned marketing professional looking to up your game, this one is a must-read.

9780062273123The next evening, we welcomed Gary Vaynerchuk, author of #Ask Gary Vee.  Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur,  tech investor, and CEO of VaynerMedia, one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the world.  A marketing genius, he was among the first to effectively use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to build a huge fan base that continues to grow.  #AskGaryVee captures just a few of the topics that have been covered in Gary’s popular show with the same name.  In his signature brash, in- your-face style, GaryVee answers viewers questions on topics ranging from “clouds and dirt” (time management) to “hustle” (stop with the “buts” and just get the job done) to “jabs and right hooks” (providing value before making “the ask”).  Gary also tackles some complex issues that affect everyone in the workplace, from the best investment strategies to the value of a higher education. Gary even gets personal, sharing stories about working in a family business, raising kids, and getting healthy. Whether you’re starting your first job, working in digital media, or launching a business, #AskGaryVee is your “essential guide to making things happen in a big way”.

Signed copies of both titles are available in-store and at

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