Cure Your SXSW Hangover with Literary Fiction!

Maybe you’ve injured your ears and could use some silent time. Maybe you need some reflection after a life-changing crossing of paths. Maybe you had THE BEST NIGHT EVER and you need to be brought back down to Earth. We can help you with that. Join us after SXSW for a week of spellbinding literary fiction when authors of some of the year’s most talked about novels and short story collections share their work in our store!

MARCH 22 Karan Mahajan – The Association of Small Bombs

If you’re a fan of authors such as Mohsin Hamid, Dave Eggers, Arundhati Roy, and Teju Cole, then Austin author and Michener Center graduate Karan Mahajan’s new novel needs to be on your reading list. Come over Tuesday, March 22 at 7PM when he speaks and signs his new book, The Association of Small Bombs, an expansive and deeply humane novel that is at once groundbreaking in its empathy, dazzling in its acuity, and ambitious in scope.

MARCH 23 Hanya Yanagihara – A Little Life

We are proud to present bestselling author and 2015 Kirkus Prize Award-winner Hanya Yanagirhara in our store Wednesday, March 23 at 7PM! She will be in conversation with Clay Smith of Kirkus Reviews over A Little Life.

“Hanya Yanagihara’s second novel, A Little Life, starts where many books would leave off – an oprhan (Jude),rescued from unbearably severe trauma, is finally free to pursue a normal life. With the help of his friends, mentors and colleagues, Jude gradually gains a semblance of normalcy and healing, but Yanagihara gives us no easy resolution. A Little Life is a story of the lingering, long-time effects of trauma, and while much of the novel’s hope comes from watching the delicate ways that Jude’s friends try to help him, Jude defies their attempts to heal him completely; an impossible task, given his experience. Beautiful writing, major tearjerker.”— Consuelo

MARCH 24 Antonio Ruiz-Camacho – Barefoot Dogs

Barefoot Dogs was one of our favorite story collections of 2015. Austin author Antonio Ruiz-Camacho spun an unforgettable collection of linked stories about the members and retinue of a wealthy Mexican family forced into exile after the patriarch is kidnapped. Join us Thursday, March 24 at 7PM as we celebrate the book’s paperback release. Antonio will be in conversation with author Elizabeth McCracken of the New Writers Project.

MARCH 28 Rick Bass – For a Little While

Rick Bass says a short story is the best way to deal with the fast pace of life right now. Long admired for his lyrical prose and environmental activism, multiple award-winning author Bass visits our store to speak and sign his new collection of short stories, For a Little While.  Join us Monday, March 28 at 7PM to celebrate one of America’s most capable storytellers!

Listen to Rick Bass discuss the art of the short story on NPR’s All Things Considered

MARCH 29 Sean Beaudoin – Welcome Thieves: Stories

Black humor mixed with pathos is the hallmark of the twelve stories in this adult debut collection from Sean Beaudoin, a master writer of comic and inventive YA novels who now makes his adult fiction debut. Beaudoin trains his absurdist’s eye on the ridiculous perplexities of adult life. From muddling through after the apocalypse, to the knowing smirk of “You Too Can Graduate with a Degree in Contextual Semiotics”, Beaudoin’s stories are edgy and profane, bittersweet and angry, bemused and sardonic. Join us Tuesday, March 29 at 7PM to find out exactly why. (Beaudoin will be joined in conversation by Mary Helen Specht.)

Hope to see you in our store later this month! If you can’t make an event, pre-order a signed, personalized copy of the book.

2 thoughts on “Cure Your SXSW Hangover with Literary Fiction!

  1. Well, it will take me sometime go through and pick one to read… and that’s a good thing! Thank you!

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