Countdown to Lita Ford: 3 Days!

Only 3 days to go! 80s rocker and former Runaway Lita Ford will be here at BookPeople to speak about her new memoir, Living Like a Runaway, in conversation with Raoul Hernandez of The Austin Chronicle. We’re counting down the days to the February 27 event by looking back at life in music. 


Did you know that for years, the only Top 10 hit of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career was a duet with Lita Ford? Close My Eye’s Forever was a hit of Lita’s 1988’s album, Lita, her first album under the management of Sharon Osborne. As Ozzy tells it:

“I remember I did the song with Lita Ford. She was being managed by my wife. I went to the studio and it kinda half got written. So I went back to England the following week and my wife phones me and says, “You know that song you were writing?” And I go, “What song?” She said, “That song, Lita wants to come down and work it out with you.” So I fly back to L.A. and I do the song and I said, “You know what Lita? You can have it. I don’t want nothing from it. You can have the song.” I get on a plane, I go back to England, and then I get another phone call. It’s my wife and she said, “Can you come back out? She wants to do it with you.” I go, “Do what?” And she goes, “That fuckin’ song!” I go “Okay” and I record the song, go back to England again, and a couple weeks later they want to do a video. And I’m going, “This is getting fuckin’ ridiculous now!” So I must have done like five million masters, but it turned out okay and I was pretty happy with the end result and she was.” –Ozzy to Esquire

Only 3 days until Lita is in our store! Join us this Saturday at 6PM. Details.

P.S. If you can’t make it, there’s still time to order a signed, personalized copy.

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