What We’re Reading This Week: The Pierce Brown Edition

Pierce Brown, author of the wildly popular Red Rising scifi trilogy, comes to BookPeople this Sunday, February 14th, at 3 PM. It will be a perfect Valentine’s event since we love Pierce Brown so much. A bunch of folks here at the store have been reading and re-reading his trilogy in anticipation of Brown’s visit.  Welcome to an all-Pierce-Brown What We’re Reading This Week!


97803455398471Morning Star by Pierce Brown

“Pierce Brown has done it again! Morning Star has the same aspects as the books prior in the Red Rising series in the way that you never truly know what to expect next. Darrow and friends are ready to fight in a war for Mars and all colors alike. Brown forces you to fall in love with characters and makes you feel every emotion they feel through his beautiful story structure. I am completely sucked in and even writing this is an inconvenience because I could be reading. And even more thrilling is the fact that Pierce Brown will be here Sunday February 14th! I will be fangirling in the front seat with a lot of the BookPeople staff, come join us! There will seriously be no better way to spend your Valentine’s Day!”


97803455398471Morning Star by Pierce Brown

“A masterfully built world in which we can see amplified reflections of our own, Pierce Brown has set a fierce and brutal story of rebellion and growth.

I had an opportunity recently to read from Red Rising through Golden Son to Morning Star and it was an adrenaline rush and a half! Also, I cried. If you crossed Hunger Games with Ender’s Game, added a dash of George RR Martin on a good day, with inspiration from classic Latin literature, you kind of scratch the surface of this great new addition to sci-fi.

Darrow is a really good protagonist, with faults, weaknesses, and mistakes that he faces and learns from throughout the books. Even Brown’s side characters are beautiful living and breathing creations that you grow to love as much as, and in cases more than Darrow. ;D

Morning Star neatly (and by neatly, I mean the body count explodes) wraps up the trilogy beautifully with Brown’s signature twists and edge of the seat encounters! Overall a really fantastic trilogy, I definitely recommend!”


9780345539830Golden Son by Pierce Brown

“Right now I can’t help but re-read Pierce Brown’s Golden Son. In his first book Brown showed us a planet whose prosperity was built on the backs of slavery and oppression. In Golden Son he widens his scope and shows a society, that cannot support itself, built on the same. Darrow of Lykos, the hero(?) of the first volume, Red Rising, returns to continue his mission: gain the trust of the Golds, the highest members of the Society, and then strike a blow for his people, the Reds who are kept in virtual slavery. In the second volume Brown humanizes characters that he’d turned into monsters in the first book, and gives us a space opera adventure that rivals Star Wars rather than the futurist combat arena survival tale that out Hunger Gamesed the Hunger Games that was the first book. I absolutely love this book, this series, and this author who you can meet right here at BookPeople this Sunday the 14th at 3:00 P.M.”

Another of our booksellers, Jade, initially agreed to send me some thoughts on the first book, but was so absorbed in the series that she was unable to be reached for comment. She did send along that she is “devouring” the books so as to be finished with all three before the event. 

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