Book Club Spotlight: AUTHORS & AUTEURS

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to up your reading game in 2016? What better way to kickstart your reading life – and meet friendly new faces – than coming to one of our free book club meetings? We have a dozen bookseller-run, totally not at all intimidating, super-friendly groups that meet once a month to discuss books. Mystery, sci fi, classic fiction, history, nonfiction – we have a club to suit every reader’s fancy. Meetings are free and open to the public and are held here at BookPeople (603 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas). No RSVP or advance sign-up is required. Book club members receive 10% off that month’s book – just mention at the register that you’re buying it for book club!

We’re highlighting each of our book clubs throughout the month of January. Get to know the leaders, the books, and then come down and join the group!

Authors & Auteurs Book Club



The book was better! The film is more accessible! The age-old argument whether the book or the movie is better rages on as we compare books translated to the screen. Join Chris and Gregory on the first Sunday of every month up on our third floor for an in-store screening and discussion about the word versus the image. Movie generously provided by the good folks at Vulcan Video!

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 7 4PM

To Discuss: The Age of Innocence – novel by Edith Wharton film directed by Martin Scorsese

Genre: Book to Film Adaptations

Leaders: Gregory & Chris


Previously Read: 

Wise Blood novel by Flannery O’Connor  film directed by John Huston
The Conformist novel by Alberto Moravia  film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
The Turn of the Screw novel by Henry James, film The Innocents directed by Jack Clayton
Paprika novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, film directed by Satoshi Kon
Cosmopolis novel by Don Delillo, film directed by David Cronenberg

Coming Up:

March 2016: Wonder Boys novel by Michael Chabon, film directed by Curtis Hanson
April 2016: Under the Skin novel by Michel Faber, film directed by Jonathan Glazer

Keep up with the Authors & Auteurs Book Club by following their Facebook page!

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