What We’re Reading This Week

matt what we're reading


9780802124456The Mountain Shadow by Gregory David Roberts

“It lives up to the first one, picking up right where Shantaram left off. In The Mountain Shadow, Roberts continues to follow the adventures of an Australian fugitive living in Bombay. Roberts mixes mafia action with philosophy and personal experience for a really good read!”  You can find copies of The Mountain Shadow on our shelves and via bookpeople.com. 


9781451673296Rebel Yell by S. C. Gwynne

“I bought this book for my dad, who was going into the hospital for a procedure. I read part of it out loud to him there, and he has since passed. I bought it for him as a history buff, especially military history, but now I’m working my way through it. I usually give books away when I finish them, but this one I’ll hold onto.”  You can find copies of Rebel Yell on our shelves and via bookpeople.com


9780156997010The Years by Virginia Woolf

“In The Years, instead of following a single mind, or a few minds in chorus, Virginia Woolf swallows a city. How, she wonders, does a city think? Does it consider its own death? How is it both theater for and symbol of decay? Such a vast thing is a city, how many seperate melodies – Virginia tracks them all like fine threats, and makes them intimate.” You can find copies of The Years on our shelves and via bookpeople.com. 


51-lpkis1ml-_sx310_bo1204203200_My Name is Shylock by Howard Jacobson 

My Name is Shylock, Howard Jacobson’s reimagining of The Merchant of Venice for the 21st century, is the second installment of the Hogarth Shakespeare series, in which many of today’s greatest writers will put their own spin on Shakespeare’s plays. The series launched last fall, with The Gap of TimeJeannette Winterson’s take on The Taming of the Shrew. I’m not too far in to My Name is Shylock so far, but already, the ever-satirical Jacobson has peppered the text with risque jokes, introduced the theory that Shakespeare was originally a Shapiro, and summed up his entire style of writing in this quote attributed to Beaumarchais: ‘I hasten to laugh at everything for fear I might be obliged to weep at it.'” My Name is Shylock comes out February 9th. Pre-order now!


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