Book Club Corner – January 2016!

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Welcome to our Book Club Corner, where each month we highlight books new to paperback we think would make perfect picks for your next book club discussion. If you’re looking to join a book club, we host a wide variety of free, bookseller-run book clubs right here at BookPeople. Join us! We love to talk books.

Featured Books of the Month

9780770433253On her twentieth birthday, Andie Mitchell stepped onto the scale and discovered that she weighed nearly 300 pounds. At 5’9″—even knowing that she was big and hating herself for it—she was stunned. Without following wild diet trends, she lost 135 pounds over thirteen months.

It Was Me All Along shares the at times heartbreaking, yet ultimately uplifting and motivating, story of how Andie kicked her habit of binge eating, which she developed during a traumatic childhood, and developed a healthy relationship with food, which she still loves to cook and enjoy.

“Andie Mitchell draws you in from the first cupcake—you taste the creamy frosting, feel every hunger pang, and your heart aches right along with hers. She beautifully exposes the dark and painful struggles of weight loss, food addiction, and self-hate that so many in this country face.” – Alison Sweeney, host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser

It Was Me All Along is out in paperback and on our shelves now!

9780307455796The Buried Giant is a story about love, war, memory, and the power of forgetting. Set in post-Arthurian England, a spell of forgetting has been cast upon the land to prevent the memory of Arthur’s terrible war against the Saxon’s from igniting new enmity. Axl and Beatrice, an elderly couple, somehow remember they have a son and begin a journey to find him. Along the way they are joined by Sir Gawain and Edwin, a Saxon child. For all the travelers, the conflict is knowing that their past could destroy them, but they seek it anyway because it could also save them.

Kazuo Ishiguro has been nominated for the Man Book Prize four times (winning in 1989 for Remains of the Day). The Buried Giant is his first novel in a decade, after his devastating 2005 novel, Never Let Me Go.

“An exceptional novel…. The Buried Giant does what important books do: It remains in the mind long after it has been read, refusing to leave.”The New York Times Book Review

The Buried Giant goes on sale January 5th, and is available for pre-order now!

9780804140669In 1948, after surviving World War II by escaping Nazi-occupied France for refugee camps in Switzerland, the author’s grandparents, Anna and Armand, bought an old stone house in a remote, picturesque village in the South of France. Five years later, Anna packed her bags and walked out on Armand, taking the typewriter and their children. Aside from one brief encounter, the two never saw or spoke to each other again, never remarried, and never revealed what had divided them forever.

A Fifty-Year Silence is the deeply involving account of Miranda Richmond Mouillot’s journey to find out what happened between her grandmother, a physician, and her grandfather, an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials, who refused to utter his wife’s name aloud after she left him.

A Fifty-Year Silence  goes on sale January 19, and is available for pre-order now!

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

9780307740922Bride, the daughter of light-skinned parents, was inexplicably born with stunning blue-black skin. Her color caused her mother to deny her even the simplest forms of love. Desperate to win her mother’s attention, Bride testifies in court against an innocent woman named Sofia Huxley. As a young woman, Bride attempts to find peace by making amends with Sofia, but instead, her life begins to fall apart. She is abandoned by the man she loves, suffers serious injuries, and finds herself mysteriously growing younger. Through it all there is the voice of Sweetness, Bride’s mother, who takes a lifetime to come to understand that “what you do to children matters. And they might never forget.”

God Help the Child is Toni Morrison’s 11th novel. The author has won The Pulitzer Prize, The American Book Award, a Nobel Prize, and currently serves as Professor Emeritus at Princeton University.

“God Help the Child is a tragicomic jazz opera played out in four parts…. Morrison makes art from the cadences of human heartbreak.”—The Atlantic

God Help the Child goes on sale January 26, and is available for pre-order now!

A few other titles coming out in paperback this month that are worth a look:

War of the Encyclopaedists by Christopher Robinson, Gavin Kovite

Category: Coming-of-Age Fiction

“A captivating coming-of-age novel that is, by turns, funny and sad and elegiac” – Michiko Kakutani

**On Sale Date: January 5th, 2016

Category: True Crime

“Excellent…. Krakauer doesn’t just tell the story of these crimes. As he has done so brilliantly in his other books…he sets the story firmly in the context of social history.”—The Boston Globe

**On Sale Date: January 12th, 2016

Featured Event of the Month

Wednesday, January 13 at 7PM

O. Henry Prize Award Winner
speaking & signing


Tim Johnston’s debut novel, Descent, just came out in paperback. It was one of our favorite debut novels of 2015 and was met with nationwide critical acclaim. Johnston is on his paperback book tour and we cannot wait for him to come back to our store! Come join us to talk about this masterful literary thriller!

Featured Drink of the Month

Original Irish Coffeeirishcoffeee-470687587

Most Americans when they think of Irish Coffee, think of a blend of coffee, Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bailey’s as much as the next person, but Bailey’s does not an Irish Coffee make! True Irish Coffee is just as well crafted a cocktail as a Pisco Sour!

For a genuine taste of real Irish Coffee, do the following:


1 cup (8 oz) fresh hot coffee
1 tbsp brown (or raw) sugar
1.5 oz Irish Whiskey of your choice

3-4 tbsp of lightly whipped heavy cream

Pour the hot coffee into a warmed coffee mug or glass. Add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Blend in Irish whiskey. Top with the whipped heavy cream by pouring gently over back of spoon (this will allow the cream to sit on top of the coffee).  Enjoy next to a fire with your favorite novel this winter!

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