The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Gets Carsick With John Waters

John Waters – gay pope of trash and vile connoisseur of low culture – attempted something extraordinary, risking life, sanity, and intestinal fortitude for art (or a queasy approximation thereof). Terminally in between films, the notorious, lowbrow director of Pink Flamingos, Cecil B. Demented, Hairspray, and a dozen more celluloid slimeballs walked out of his Baltimore home one day in the rain and simply hitchhiked to San Francisco. The contents of his memoir Carsick serve as a travelogue of the weird and famous. Two speculative novellas precede the actual voyage, one cataloging the best that his journey could go – the other the worst. The third leg of Carsick, in which Waters shares his actual experiences, though featuring less lurid sex and gore than the fictional sections, is about as bizarre as anything else birthed from the mind of the sleaze king of our time.

Join the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club on Monday December 28th at 7:00 p.m. to discuss Carsick by John Waters and celebrate all things dirty and lowdown. The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club meets on the last Monday of every month to talk about the best and worst of comedy, comedians, and the books they write. Come by this Monday for laughs, literature, and scuzz buckets of fun.

  • Steve(n) W.

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