Sarah’s Favorite Book of 2015: MILK BAR LIFE

Every year, our marketing department works with our booksellers and book buyers to put together our Winter Catalog, a collection of our favorite books of 2015 along with recommendations for holiday gifts. Booksellers submit competing essays about their favorite books and the winners are featured in the full-color, glossy pages of the catalog. Tons of brainstorming goes into determining the catalog’s theme and setting up the big photo shoot. 

This year’s theme: BookPeople Class of 2015 Yearbook.

Sarah’s Favorite Book of 2015:

Milk Bar Life: Recipes and Stories by Christina Tosi

“When I found this book, I fell in love! Not only is it pretty to look at, and the author intro passionate and heartfelt, but the recipes speak to me. Milk Bar Life presents an entire spectrum of recipes in a unique and accessible way, to cooks of all skill levels. There are the easy ones (Rosemary nuts), the simple ones (Chicken Puffs), the creative ones (Ritz Cracker Ice Box Cake!), the essential ones (dips & marinades), the OMG ones (Blueberry Miso Jelly), the Must-Have-In-My-Repertoire ones (Eggs In Purgatory, Brisket Stroganoff), and the I-Can’t-Believe-That-Actually-Works ones (Cornbread Ice Cream, Mac & Cheese Pancakes). But to be honest, it was the Crock Pot Cake and the most perfect Snickerdoodle recipe I have ever found that hooked. Happiness is me in my kitchen with Milk Bar Life!” -Sarah

Voted Most Likely To…

Never dye my hair pink (or wear pink, for that matter… I showed them!)

Favorite Required Reading in High School

1984. Future dystopian novel with anti-establishment, anti-propaganda, and anti-censorship themes, what’s not to like?

Favorite BookPeople Memory

The selfie I took with Felicia Day! She rules.

Words to Live By

“We’re chained to the world, and we all gotta pull.” – Tom Waits

What Do You Want to Do With the Rest of Your Life?

Cook good food, read good books, and drink margaritas (no salt) on the beach with my handsome husband.

Other great cookbooks of 2015.

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