The post comes from our barista and bookseller, Christy Popp.


All the Mitch Albom titles that I have chosen have been quick and satisfying reads.  They are reliably enjoyable and induce a bit of above-and-beyond contemplation.  His newest release, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto does no less but felt entirely different in scope. This was a book that continued to resonate with me long after I had finished.

It employs an omnipresent, third person narrative. It is the Soul of Music itself that tells the life tale of Frankie Presto. This, accompanied by testimonials given at a funeral give us a seamless story with absolutely no loose ends.

Presto’s youth is comprised of the tragic and miraculous all at once. As this wayward orphan progresses into manhood it is impressive how many lives he touches and affects both with his personality and his music.  His undaunted spirit takes him far, accompanied by other forces of which he will not be aware for the majority of his life.

This is a book about music, as told by music, that never falls flat. It’s divine intricacies will inspire readers and reverberate with them long after it’s conclusion.

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One thought on “Christy’s Holiday Pick: THE MAGIC STRINGS OF FRANKIE PRESTO

  1. I’ve only read one Mitch Albom book so far and that was Tuesdays with Morrie but I found that it had a profound effect on me and I even e mailed Mr Albom to tell him so. I look forward to catching up with this one at some point.

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