Welcome Home, Ethan Hawke!


This Tuesday, November 24, Ethan Hawke will join us here at BookPeople to speak about and sign his new book, Rules For a Knight. This is a significant event not only because we adore Ethan, but because he is OUR HOMETOWN BOY – even if he isn’t always so sure about it.

“Well Austin has a lot of boys, you know. I think Austin is closer to my heart than I am to Austin’s heart if you know what I mean. My parents were students at UT when I was born. And I’ve had this 20-year collaboration with Richard Linklater that has brought me continually back here so I feel like Austin is a big part of my life…” –Ethan to KUT

Well Ethan, you’ve been a big part of our lives, too. Just look at this photo montage!

And who could forget that scene in Boyhood when your character gave life advice to his teenage son at a Charlie Sexton sound check here in Austin? Ethan, you’re one of us. (Also, FYI, that scene earlier in the movie in which your fictional son attended a Harry Potter party? That party was here at BookPeople! You’re a star in the most Austin movie to hit screens since Dazed and Confused!)


“There’s a great Larry McMurtry line in a book called All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers which is, ‘if you leave Texas without permission, it will always haunt you.’ And I think I left without permission when I was a little boy and it’s always eating at me.”

Ethan! Don’t be so hard on yourself. We here in Texas love you and welcome you back with open arms. Rules for a Knight is really a lone star story, when you get right down to it; a parable of how to live a good, honest, virtuous life of inquisitive, independent thought and adventure – this is what the Republic is all about!

rules for a knight 2

And for the record, even if you weren’t a Texas boy, we would adopt you for the following. Just saying.

Ethan, we can’t wait to see you here at BookPeople. You are the brightest lone star in our constellation. Don’t you forget it.

(And, dear readers, we can’t wait to see you here at BookPeople next Tuesday, November 24, either! The speaking portion of this event is free and open to the republic. Tickets are required for the signing and are now available in-store at BookPeople and via bookpeople.com. If you can’t make it, you can pre-order a signed copy of Rules for a Knight. We ship all over the world!) 

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