What We’re Reading This Week

staci saint anything


saint anythingSaint Anything by Sarah Dessen

“It’s about a girl named Sydney who has always been somewhat invisible – her older brother was always the charismatic popular one. At the onset of the story, her brother has just been arrested for a DWI and leaving the scene of the accident and suddenly Sydney is the center of attention. I love Sarah Dessen’s writing – it’s so true to life – and in this book, she covers a darker topic.” You can find copies of Saint Anything on our shelves and via bookpeople.com. 


gimme something betterGimme Something Better: The Profound, Progressive, and Occasionally Pointless History of Bay Area Punk from the Dead Kennedys to Green Day by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor

“This book was super! It watered my punk roots that had lain fallow, lo this many years. It reminded me of all the punk rock angst that I pumped into my tiny chest when I was 14 years old. The lively oral history narrative style makes 585 pages seem like a mere 575. This book is so good, it’ll make you pump your fist and say “Oi!” You can find copies of Gimme Something Better on our shelves and via bookpeople.com


the courage to beThe Courage To Be by Paul Tillich

The Courage To Be is a theologian’s perspective as well as a collection of other philosophers’ ideas of courage and the human condition of being and non-being. It also explains anxiety and fear and how it plays into a natural state of consciousness.” You can find copies of The Courage To Be on our shelves and via bookpeople.com


captivityCaptivity by Gyorgy Spiro, translated by Tim Wilkinson

I’m reading Gyorgy Spiro’s epic historical novel Captivity as I catch up on all my Jewish fiction, post-High Holy Days. Captivity follows a Jewish citizen of Rome on his journey from Rome to Judaea and all over the ancient world. Spiro fills his narrative with rich historical detail, but he doesn’t get bogged down – he lets the hero’s journey reveal all the glory, tension and brutality of the ancient world. Larks’ tongues, vomitoriums, and hideous punishments galore!” Captivity hits the shelves November 3. Pre-order now!

3 thoughts on “What We’re Reading This Week

  1. Great idea, posting what you’re reading. Some great recommendations and I’m out for grabs. I’m finishing “The Soul of Discretion” by Susan Hill (my first Hill novel so far) and it’s fast paced and hoked me on page one.I’d recommend it. Reading “Days of Reading” by Marcel Proust at the same time. Let me know you’d like short reviews on them for other readers of this blog as well, who must be readers as voracious as me. Now I’ll decide on one of the books you feature here. Keep up the good work!

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