Teen Thursday – 9/10/15

It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

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Texas Teen Book Fest 2015 News!

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TTBF15 is less than one month away!!!!! All the authors have been announced. Here’s a round-up of news that you may have missed.

The #TTBF15 schedule has been announced!

To see who is speaking and signing at each event, check out the schedule and then hover the mouse over each item. Signings will be a little different this year – we’ll talk more about this in a later blog post – so be sure to plan your day accordingly.

Spotlight on #TTBF15: No Risk, No Reward Panel

Get to know the five authors participating on this great panel — Lindsey Lane, Jesse Andrews, David Levithan, Cindy Pon, and Carrie Ryanas reported by Olivia of our own Teen Press Coprs.

Spotlight on #TTBF15: Star Wars Throw-Down!

Every year at the Texas Teen Book Festival there is always some Star Wars trivia thrown around at our panels and game shows, so what better way to give what the people obviously need — a Star Wars themed game show! This is going to be the most epic throw down in TTBF history. Come out and join the fun! It will be the battle of to rival the Empire vs. the Rebels. Here’s a look at the authors — Cindy Pon, Gareth Hinds, Claudia Gray, Jenny Han, Aaron Hartzler, Pierce Brown — putting their SW chops on the line.

Psst – we also have many books by TTBF15 authors on display in our teen section. Come by, pick up a few, and get some reading done *before* the fest!


For this week’s TBT, we have this great photo of Willa with author Jason Reynolds taken at #TTBF14. Jason is a favorite of several TPC members, and they loved talking to him. Willa also interviewed Jason last year. We wish Jason was coming to TTBF this year but he is coming to town for the Texas Book Festival with Brendan Kiely, co-author of the new book All American Boys.

Our Teen Press Corps covered everything about the fest last year. Willa and the rest of the TPC will again be hard at work live blogging, interviewing authors, and having a great time.

TTBF is in need of volunteers and there is still space for exhibitors. Teens and adults can sign up for volunteer shifts. More info here.

It’s also not too late to be an exhibitor at TTBF15. Check out all the info here.

To start planning your visit, information about attending this year’s festival is up, and you can keep it tuned here for author line up & programming announcements.

Are you excited yet?? You should be!! #TTBF15 is now less than two months away!!

Get the news first by following TTBF online:

Texas Teen Book Festival (formerly the Austin Teen Book Festival) happens on Saturday, September 26, 2015 on the campus of St. Edward’s University. This event – and parking – is free and open to the public.

Upcoming YA Events!

In addition to TTBF15, we have fantastic YA events happening at the store this fall. For more info about all our fall YA events, click on over to the Teen Press Corps blog.

Mari Mancusi for Smoked on Wednesday, September 16 at 7PM!

Leigh Bardugo for Six of Crows on Tuesday, September 29 at 7PM!

From the TPC Blog!

New reviews from our hardworking and hard-reading TPC!


Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge
Cuckoo Song is one of those books that you just cannot help but love, and more so if you are into psychological and creepy books. It is full of plot twist after plot twist, with scenes that will leave you wanting to keep your bedroom lights on. This book literally keeps you guessing until the end. Read the rest of the review.


The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds
This book flat-out floored me. It moved me in ways I haven’t been lately, especially emotionally. I just wanted to give Matt a hug during the entire book! Matt’s story, from his mother’s death to his new job at the funeral home to his best friend (who I adored) to his new romance for Love – it all fit perfectly. He’s an extraordinarily real and relatable character that I will definitely not be forgetting. Read the rest of the review.


Tangled Webs by Lee Bross
Tangled Webs is a joyful ride in a world full of secrets, deceit, and a little bit of hope. Arista (killer name, by the way) is a sixteen-year-old girl living a double life as Lady A, the well-known and well-hated blackmailer of London. Lady A’s life is full of dresses and parties and confidence. Arista’s life is one of poverty, fear, and abuse. Struggling to find a way to break free of the binds of her criminal life, Arista grapples with questions of who she can trust, and how she can get out. She’s daring, kind, honest, and level-headed. I adored her narration, which showed her internal struggle to discern who she was and what her morals were in a world where her desire to be good was an anomaly. Read the rest of the review.

Hollywood News!

eleanor and parkThere are a ton of movies coming up that are based on books. Here is a list of 50 books being made into movies, including several YA books such as Eleanor & Park, All the Bright Places, and A Monster Calls.

Be sure to check out more reviews and articles over on the Teen Press Corps blog!

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