Coming Soon!!! The Authors & Auteurs Book Club!!!

Logo2COMING ATTRACTION: The Authors & Auteurs Book Club!!!

Books adapted into movies invariably cause a diverse reaction from audiences. How many times have we hailed that the book was better? We spend more time with books. Subplots, inner monologues, and an author’s unique use of words intrigue us over the days or weeks we spend reading a book. Movies are more streamlined, shorter, and are emotionally immediate. Images, like words, can profoundly impact us. After all, this has to be how the movie adaptation came to be, on a fundamental level anyway.

Did Breakfast at Tiffany’s really need that happy ending? Just what happened to The Bonfire of the Vanities adaptation? And why is Boileau-Narcejac’s novel The Living and the Dead relatively obscure but Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo immortalized? Sponsored by Vulcan Video, the Authors & Auteurs Book Club is coming soon to BookPeople and we’ll be plunging into just what makes a solid film adaptation.

Join myself and Chris Hollingsworth for a matinee-style screening on the first Sunday of every month on BookPeople’s third floor. Following each screening we will be discussing the differences of the image vs the word, what medium suits the story better, and whether we just plainly liked one form over the other.

We’re kicking off the club with Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis and will be screening David Cronenberg’s adaptation on Sunday, September the 6th at 4pm on BookPeople’s third floor. We hope to see you at the picture show.

a&a-Gregory Day

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