Taco Afficianodos! Nominations Now Open for the TEXAS TACO COUNCIL

The authors of one our 2014 bestsellers, Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day, are taking their research to the next level, and they could use your help (and by that I mean your tastebuds.) Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece of Taco Journalism are now accepting nominations for the newly established TEXAS TACO COUNCIL. Taco lovers and aficionados will be selected from 10 cities across the state to provide insider input for the duo’s next project: THE TACOS OF TEXAS.


The council will assist the Taco Journalists in identifying the best taco dishes and restaurants in Texas and they will even be featured in the book, sharing their top 10 taco list and insights on the taco culture in their respective cities!

“When we decided to start The Tacos of Texas, we knew it would not only be a huge undertaking but it was incredibly important to accurately reflect the rich histories and cultures each of the 10 cities on our list,” said Mando Rayo. “By establishing the Texas Taco Council, we hope to gather together those influential and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about their communities and share our deep love of tacos.”

You can nominate your cousin, your abuelita, your co-worker, your favorite taquero or chef, your local mariachi, cultural icon or historian, or even yourself! Local taco ambassadors should have a good knowledge of their town’s taco scene, from the well-known favorites to the secret destinations that only locals know about. Nominations are open to anyone living in the participating cities:

Corpus Christi
El Paso
San Antonio

To nominate a taco ambassador or learn more about the upcoming book, please visit www.TacosofTexas.com.

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