Naked Girls Reading: Wandering the Woods

On Saturday, May 23rd, at Austin’s Salvage Vanguard Theater, wander the woods, figuratively speaking, with Naked Girls Reading as they lead you on a merry chase throughout the forests of fable and myth, both modern and classic.

But what IS Naked Girls Reading?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s girls reading, naked. I mean, they are on a stage, with lights and microphones, and they are reading aloud. To the audience. But there is really nothing more to it than that.

Except that there is. It’s just not something they do, or something you see. It’s something intangible you experience, being in a room, listening to the words being spoken from a woman that happens to be naked, that is wholly different than what you would experience hearing the same words come from the same person, when they are not naked. I can’t put it more succinctly than that, or make you understand on any other level. Because everyone experiences it in their own way. It’s a beautiful thing born out of both the love of the physical human form and the love of literature.

Naked Girls Reading is a direct descendant (or maybe 2nd cousin) of the modern burlesque movement. And it was, in fact, conceived by an international showgirl, Michelle L’amour, along with her partner and paramour, Frankie Vivid. It’s part of a wave of body and sex-positive events that have begun to infiltrate our culture. But instead of the music and glitter of the burlesque stage, Naked Girls Reading lowers the volume and increases the intimacy, as if inviting you in to their living room to have a conversation and share tea and biscuits.

The theme of this upcoming event is Wandering the Woods: Or What Really Happens in Fairy Tales, and along with the regular cast, Dallas-based fetish model (and German Dream-girl) Courtney Crave, will be sitting in. And if we are very very lucky, she’ll be reading us German Fairy Tales, in German.

Naked Girls Reading presents Wandering the Woods: Or What Really Happens In Fairy Tales on Saturday, May 23rd from 8PM-10PM in the Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 Manor Rd). Advance tickets are $15 at Brown Paper Tickets, or $20 at the door.

For more information regarding Naked Girls Reading: Austin, and their events this upcoming season, go like the Naked Girls Reading Facebook Page!

Not in Austin? There are chapters all over the world! Go HERE to learn more and see if there is a chapter in your town.
And, if you feel like getting in the mood for some fairy tales, Book People has some excellent collections on hand!

Check this, this and this out!


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