The Nightmare Factory’s Pinheads & Hellbound Hearts

There is a rumor whispered in the forgotten catacombs of BookPeople – a rumor that hints at the existence of an arcane order of depraved explorers. These phantom pilgrims are alleged to spelunk the haunted caverns of the world’s most exquisitely terrifying fiction searching – always searching – for a more heightened state of horror. Can the craven appetites of the Nightmare Factory Book Club ever be satisfied? Will your own unspeakable desires ever be slaked? Have you read Clive Barker‘s transgressive, transcendent novella The Hellbound Heart? Join our discussion at 8:00 p.m. in the cafe at BookPeople to add your fuel to our fire so that we may together see even farther into the abyss.

The Hellbound Heart is an honest-to-badness modern classic, serving as the inspiration for the Hellraiser film franchise and birthing the ubiquitous demon Pinhead into the world and onto the shelves of costume shops next to Freddy and Jason.  This deceptively thin book weaves a story of desire, the thirst for power, and the descent into a phantasmagorical Pandemonium.  Frank Cotton is a man of flesh, of lust, and of sensation.  When he learns of the Lemerchand’s Box — more commonly known as the Lament Configuration — a gateway to the vast, untapped pleasures available to man, he devotes his life to solving its mysteries.  What Frank Cotton doesn’t realize is that, for a demon, pleasure may have a different definition.  Clive Barker‘s philosophically dense treatise on the nature of suffering is a timeless classic, and it is sure to illicit screams for generations.

The Nightmare Factory Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. in the cafe at BookPeople to discuss the grooviest and ghouliest horror fiction available to human minds.  Pick the locks to the facade of reality, find the hidden passageways through time, trace with your fingertips the profane sigil on the puzzle box’s exterior, and join the dark congregation of the Nightmare Factory Book Club this Tuesday to analyze The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker. We have such sights to show you.

Don’t Forget To Pick Up The Scarlet Gospels, the Sequel To The Hellbound Heart. Out May 19th!



– Steve(n) W.


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