What We’re Reading This Week

robyn what were reading


zeitounZeitoun by Dave Eggars

Zeitoun is not just a story about a natural disaster, it’s the story of a family. The Zeitoun family was living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and this true story of their experience will change the way you look at the world.” Zeitoun is available on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.


trail runner DIRT: The Trail-Running Life Special Edition of Trail Runner Magazine

“This is the second issue of Trail Runner Magazine’s special edition, DIRT: The Trail-Running Life. The magazine features the fun and adventure of running, rather than the drudgery many associate with any acts of fitness. DIRT is similar to Outside Adventures Magazine, and I look forward to reading many future issues.” DIRT: The Trail-Running Life is available in BookPeople’s magazine section.


all involvedAll Involved by Ryan Gattis

“The novel is a mosaic of different people and their experiences, set during the riots following the Rodney King verdict. Gattis gives an interesting look at what people were actually experiencing during the riots, rather than re-hashing the news coverage of the time. All Involved is kind of a shadow history of the riots – fans of Richard Price and George Pellacanos would definitely enjoy this book.” All Involved hits the shelves April 7. Pre-order now.


SHEEPFARMERS DAUGHTERThe Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon is amazing – she is one of the most hardcore ladies you’ll find, and so is her heroine, Paksenarrion. Paks is the quintessential sheepfarmer’s daughter. Her father finds her a husband, and she doesn’t approve, so she runs away and joins a mercenary band. The book  has a really fun, feminist military fantasy vibe, which draws on Elizabeth Moon’s own experience in the marines. The book is a fantastic example of her early work, and this trilogy may be my favorite thing she’s ever written. The trilogy follows a young woman who realizes that not only can she stand on her own two feet, but she can go farther.” The Sheepfarmer’s Daughter is the Ludicrous Speed Book Club selection for the month of April, and the book club will meet to discuss the novel April 20th, at 7 PM. Book clubs are free and open to the public. Book club picks are 10% off at the register during the month of their selection. Copies of this month’s pick are available on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.


the greater journey The Greater Journey by David McCullough

“The book starts in the 1830s and follows American artists who went to Paris. Even at that time, Paris already existed as the center of science and art. The theme of the book is how the Parisian emigre experience changed them and how they, upon their return, changed the United States. I love David McCullough – he’s a great storyteller and he writes engaging history.” The Greater Journey is available on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.

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