Announcing Trust Fall #3: BAREFOOT DOGS

Trust Fall #3 Announcement

Tuesday night, at our standing-room-only launch event with Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, we announced that Barefoot Dogs is our next Trust Fall pick!


This debut collection of stories from Camacho, an Austin author, tells the story of a Mexican family from the different perspectives of its members. Booksellers Raul and Jim B. both read early copies of the book and have been recommending it for months:

Raul: “What people lose defines how they live their lives and this vibrant collection of stories illustrates this point with a literary verve that is electrifying! When the patriarch of a rich and thriving Mexican family is kidnapped, the family scatters across the world to save themselves. Ruiz-Camacho focuses on the lives of the rich and privileged in Mexican society, so used to servants and having things done for them that when the Arteaga family is left to its own devices, they have difficulty coping. This is a very entertaining and moving collection of interwoven stories highlighting the profound talent of a new author. Thought-provoking and memorable.

Jim B.: “Rarely does a collection of stories, and coruscatingly well crafted ones like Barefoot Dogs, weave so successfully weave an intricate balance of struggle, familial affliction with a diversity deserving of accolades. Ruiz-Camacho’s debut is laudable in scope and the breadth of emotion of the character’s lives altered by a family-tree rooted in atrocity is literally breathtaking. He will undoubtedly be on the radar for years to come, and we need to be sure to celebrate the appearance of an author as creatively endowed as Antonio.”

So many indie booksellers across the country have read and recommend this book that The American Booksellers Association named it an Indie Next pick for March.

barefoot dogs indie next

We were honored to host the launch party for Barefoot Dogs and welcome so many of Camacho’s fans and supporters to celebrate this achievement. And we’re thrilled to put together another fun Trust Fall package in honor of the story collection.

Here’s what we’re putting into Trust Fall #3 packages:

photo (85)

  • A signed, first edition of Barefoot Dogs: Stories by Antonio Ruiz-Camacho.
  • One set of Texas County Fair Field Notes notebooks.
  • A signature BookPeople coozie designed by one of our booksellers.
  • An advance copy of War of the Encyclopaedists, courtesy of Simon & Schuster.
  • Our exclusive Q&A with Antonio Ruiz-Camacho.
  • A letter from Camacho’s editor at Scribner.

Trust Fall #3 packages will ship to subscribers towards the end of March. There’s plenty of time to get in on this action if you haven’t already. Quarterly and one-time subscriptions are available.

barefoot dogs trust fall

Additional Praise for Barefoot Dogs

“Barefoot Dogs is a splendid collection. Each of these stories is a straight-on jab to the soul, the kind of sharp fictional punch that wakes us up to our own flawed, fragile, essential humanity. With this debut collection, Antonio Ruiz-Camacho shows he’s already a writer of the first rank, one of those rare storytellers who leaves you wanting more even as he breaks your heart.”
– Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

“Antonio Ruiz-Camacho’s Barefoot Dogs is bravura, brilliant, moving, hilarious–it’s both clear-eyed and dreamy, strange and beautiful, stories for our time, and also for all-time.That it’s his first book is a wonder, and a wonderful promise.”
– Elizabeth McCracken, author of The Giant’s House and Thunderstruck

“With deftness and nuance, Ruiz-Camacho…capturesthe flawed but fascinating humanity of the extended Arteaga family…Readersreceive a gift as rare as it is unnerving: a chance to enter imaginatively intoa world of personal tragedy through portals other than pathos. Despite theirmyopia and unreckoned privilege, the wealthy wanderers of Barefoot Dogs neverbecome objects of scorn or pity. And this is perhaps the most powerfultestament to Ruiz-Camacho’s powers.”
Texas Observer

“Antonio Ruiz-Camacho has written a marvelous and moving story collection: Barefoot Dogs is a brilliant and devastating portrait of a scattered, entitled, and traumatized Mexican upper-class, waking up in horror to the reality of the country they once owned. A tour de force.”
– Daniel Alarcón, author of At Night We Walk in Circles

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