Special Report: Cats Respond to CAT OUT OF HELL

cat out of hell

The recent publication of Cat Out of Hell, the new novel from Lynne Truss, bestselling author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, has apparently caused quite a stir in the feline community. Melville House, the novel’s publisher, has published this investigative video report:

Raul, our first floor inventory manager, read the book for himself and weighs in: 

“A pastiche of the best 19th century horror and a fiendishly clever murder mystery, the book is also extremely humorous and impossible to put down. When retired librarian Alec Charlesworth receives a package from a colleague containing details about a talking cat named Roger, what follows is a thriller all about the secret lives of cats – especially talking, quasi-immortal cats with special powers. Alec is thrust into an adventure to thwart the dark powers of the Captain, a black cat who may or may not be to blame for the death of his wife and countless others. Truss really gets into the mythology of the species – which serves both lovers and haters of cats -and provides a diabolical illustration of just why cats have nine lives. Fans of literary horror rejoice – you will never look at your cat the same way after reading this book. (Seriously, where is your cat right now?).”

What do you think? It’s time to voice your opinion. Pick up Cat Out of Hell and tell us what you think – does Lynne Truss accurately represent the inner lives of cats? Do you have cats? Ask their opinion. This is important, folks. Don’t let this issue slide by.

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