Keija Parssinen Will Sign YOUR Book!


Keija Parssinen, award-winning author of the novel Ruins of Us, is set to launch a brand new novel next month. The Unravling of Mercy Louis is set in southeast Texas and follows the life of the town’s championship high school basketball player, Mercy Louis, as she confronts the consequences of family secrets scrutinized by a small town.

Maggie Shipstead, author of Seating Arrangements and Astonish Me, calls it: 

“A propulsive, soulful novel about heat of all kinds: the sultry oppressiveness of a bayou summer, the searing power of first love and of religious fervor, the sweaty euphoria of sports, the unpredictable crackle of adolescence. Parssinen’s storytelling grabs, her characters haunt.”

Parssinen, who was raised here in Texas, has offered to sign every copy of The Unraveling of Mercy Louis pre-ordered from BookPeople. She’ll also be here speaking about and signing the novel on Thursday, March 12 at 7pm.

 More praise for The Unravling of Mercy Louis

“A powerful and profoundly haunting novel–as explosive as a thriller, as wise as a myth, and as chilling as the news. . . Parssinen illuminates the dark heart of a modern hysteria and the complicated humanity of the people caught in its grip.” –Jennifer duBois, author of Cartwheel and A Partial History of Lost Causes

“Keija Parssinen’s novel is a pitch perfect look at where we so often go wrong in raising our girls, using religion as a weapon against female desire. With echoes of Megan Abbott and Stephen King, The Unraveling of Mercy Louis is bravely unsettling.” –Attica Locke, author of Pleasantville and Black Water Rising

“The Unraveling of Mercy Louis is the story of a Texas town that fears everything its girls offer. A deft and thoughtful novel of feints and dodges about a community brought to its knees by prejudice, disappointments, and a past that can’t be changed.” –Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet

To order signed copies of The Unraveling of Mercy Louis, visit We ship worldwide and are happy to send a signed book to someone else on your behalf. Thank to Keija Parssinen for extending this offer to BookPeople customers!

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