Sweet books for our sweeties

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At BookPeople, we are often matchmakers between readers and books. We absolutely love this part of our job. In fact, everyone at the store likes doing this so much, that we are setting up readers on blind dates with books for Valentine’s Day! All you have to do is tell us a little bit about your sweetie and we’ll pick out the perfect book for them. Here is what the BookKids staff would pick for their own significant others, siblings, best friends, and little humans in their lives.


Two Speckled Eggs by Jennifer K. Mann
Ginger is not so sure about Lyla Browning. Quiet Lyla is obsessed with studying bugs and doesn’t really seem to fit in at school. Still, Ginger is told by her mother that she has to invite all of the girls in class if she wants to have a birthday party. Much to Ginger’s surprise, when the other guests are acting up and starting drama, Lyla’s being different sets her apart in a good way. The two bond over Lyla’s gift of malted-milk eggs and become fast friends. A perfect book for Valentine’s best friends.


Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
This is for my little nephew. It’s fun for kids and fun for adults. It’s also perfect for two year-olds because they are learning that cows go moo, ducks quack, and dogs bark. The cute surprise ending is also a delight for kids.

John G.~

Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Scott Campbell
I would give my Valentine this picture book. It’s a sweet story about a zombie looking for a date to Cupid’s Ball, but he’s look for love in all the wrong places. Eventually, though, he finds the one who can appreciate him for who he is. My Valentine is not a fan of zombies but I think the charming writing and the fantastic watercolor illustrations would win her over.


Sparkers by Eleanor Glewwe
This is the perfect mix of fantasy, magic, and adventure for my Valentine. The story follows Mariah, a girl without magic, as she navigates a rich, exotic world to save her best friend from a mysterious illness. There’s a touch of romance, plenty of excitement, and a wild, wonderful setting–I couldn’t put it down, and I know my valentine wouldn’t either!


Red Rising by Pierce Brown
This is a good pick for my husband. It has action, it has intrigue, it has a little bit of humor, and it is science fiction. He likes all those things. At the core of the book, and the main motivator of the hero, Darrow, is love. Darrow is a low-born slave – a Red – who spends his days in the dangerous mines of Mars. When tragedy strikes, Darrow has a choice – to wallow in his grief, or to rise up and rage against the ruling class, the Golds. He becomes part of the rebellion by becoming a Gold and fighting – literally – for his spot at the top of their social hierarchy. Part Greek mythology, part dystopian, part sci-fi, part epic saga, but ALL entertaining and gripping! Perfect for husbands (and wives) everywhere who like The Hunger Games, Mad Max, and Gladiator.

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