What We’re Reading This Week

katie p sylvia plath


glass sentenceThe Glass Sentence by S. E. Grove

The Glass Sentence is an interesting and really smart adventure chapter book where the world isn’t separated by just distance, but also time. Different sections of the world exist in different time periods so maps must show when things are in addition to where. Sophia has to learn the secrets of map-making as she sets off to find her parents in this thrill of an adventure book that is also the first selection for our newly reformed Rockin’ Readers Book Club for kids age 8 -14.”


the vorrhThe Vorrh by Brian Catling

“It is a book that Alan Moore, acclaimed comic book author, has called “a phosphorescent masterpiece.” It is the story of a man’s journey into the heart of darkness as he traverses a forest in Africa called the Voorh. It is a poetic and intriguing re-imagining of the H. Rider Haggard adventure stories. Very reminiscent of Robert F. Jones’ 1974 literary classic Blood Sport: A Journey Up The Hassayampa for anyone who has enjoyed late 19th and early 20th century adventure fiction genre for 21st century sensibilities.” The Vorrh will be released on May 12. Pre-order now.


how to create a mindHow to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil
Mr. Kurzweil (whose current job is at Google helping them refine their approach in the field of artificial intelligence) is a futurist who theorizes that computers will gain consciousness in the next 20 years, ushering in an era of amazing scientific breakthroughs (because, you see, computer intelligence will be so efficient and speedy that unlocking the secrets of the universe will become a daily and blasé occurrence). How to Create a Mind is about how to make this happen. A must read if you’re at all interested in gadgets and tech.”


redeploymentRedeployment by Phil Klay

Great stories generated from literally the front lines, also recommended by Barack Obama, and it rivals Thom Jones’ The Pugilist At Rest for excellent stories about conflict, physical and emotional. It is not just a book of war stories; it is a book of human stories set in a time of war.” The New and Noteworthy Book Club discusses Redeployment Thursday, March 26.


the unabridged journals of sylvia plathThe Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath by Sylvia Plath

“These entries are a completely immersive reading experience – Plath was a rigorous journal-er, pushing herself to capture her experiences, both internal and external. She was brilliant, insecure, overwhelmed by the contents of her mind, and remains unparalleled. These journals take her through college dating, marriage, and children, ending two years before the end of her life. (The final journal was destroyed by Ted Hughes). Perhaps our greatest, most memorable offering from one of our greatest, most memorable voices.”

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