This Book Club Is An Entirely Selfish Pursuit

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~post by Demi

Demi is a recent Austinite and the BookKids Inventory Manager. She enjoys long days on the sofa, puppies, and Star Trek. She probably will not bring up Star Trek at every book club meeting.

Awards season is my favorite time of year. I plan out my weekends with a careful eye on the calendar–I have to be home in time to watch the SAG awards, the Golden Globes, the Oscars. I spend the months of January and February in a mad rush to watch all the Best Picture nominees, so I can feel justified in disagreeing with the winner. (I never get to them all.)

I feel the same way about book awards, although I don’t watch them on television. I hoard nominations and shortlists to myself, collecting articles and links and videos so that when I’m deciding what to read next I am fully and totally armed. At least–that’s the intent. Much like the Best Picture nominees that I miss, once the Pulitzer, the Man Booker, and the Newbery are announced…I forget to read the books.

For example, I’ve still never read The Goldfinch.

The New & Noteworthy book club is an entirely selfish pursuit: I like to read books that people are talking about, and then I like to talk about them. I spend a lot of time with Jan anyway, and the Chilantro truck is close by on Thursdays, so we can get kimchi fries and bulgogi burgers together before meetings, because that’s something we do. I like people, and books, and having a deadline for finishing something I start. I really like being in charge of stuff, and asking questions, and listening to people talk about books. Book clubs are an ideal place for me.

So consider this your invitation! If you like books, people, talking about books, or disagreeing with award winners, I would love for you to join me and Jan on Thursday, January 22nd at 7PM to discuss Station Eleven. I’ll tell you all the story of the mistake I made when I started it, and you can all laugh at me. Plus, it’s a great excuse for you to read that Trust Fall pick BookPeople raved about and decide whether or not you agree! Aren’t book clubs amazing?

Come join us. We’ll be delighted to have you.

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