The Triumphant Return of the New & Noteworthy Book Club!

We’re thrilled to announce the triumphant return of our New & Noteworthy Book Club! Join Jan and Demi once a month to discuss some of the latest notable fiction to hit our shelves. The first meeting is Thursday, January 22 at 7pm, when they’ll discuss our inaugural Trust Fall pick, the National Book Award-nominated Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Check out the six month N&N discussion schedule right over here.

We know books clubs can be intimidating. Strangers! With opinions! About books! But here’s the thing about book clubs – you get to meet strangers. With opinions. Who talk about books. After a meeting or two, you get to know those strangers a bit and they become regular people who love to read, just like you do. We also love book clubs because they can push us out of our reading comfort zones and expose us to books we might have otherwise bypassed. Even if you don’t love the read, at least now you know what’s between those covers.

Still a bit nervous? Okay. Meet Jan and Demi, book club leaders and two of the most fun, least-intimidating humans you’ll meet in our galaxy:

photo (65)

If you join the New & Noteworthy Book Club today, you’ll read 6 books by the middle of the year and 12 books by this time next year. At next year’s holiday dinners, when Aunt Mabel starts complaining about the stuffing and your brother launches into that embarrassing story about you again, you can swiftly change the subject by saying, “Have any of you read [one of the 12 new books you read this year because you’re a verified book clubber]? It was fascinating!” Book clubs: curing social anxiety months in advance, one discussion at a time.

Here’s our final book club pitch: book club picks are 10% off for those who attend the meeting. Mention at our registers or in the comments field when checking out at that you’re buying the book for one of our book clubs and we’ll take 10% off the list price. Bam! Book club = savings.

Want more book club options? We have many bookseller-run book clubs that meet here every month. Check out all of our book clubs over here. There’s a sci fi group, a mystery group (two of them, actually), nonfiction, classic fiction; plenty of options. Meetings are free. All you have to do is show up.

JOIN US! [End of book club pep talk.]


5 thoughts on “The Triumphant Return of the New & Noteworthy Book Club!

    1. We have no hard and fast rules. Read all of it, read some of it, interested in reading it but want to know more? Come on down! (But don’t be surprised if we include some spoilers if you haven’t read it–we are, after all, discussing the book). We do prefer that you at least start it, which is why we offer a 10% discount on our book club titles. If you are purchasing in-store, let your cashier know that you are buying the New & Noteworthy book club January title. If you are purchasing online, leave a comment in the check-out screen and our expert internet orders team will apply the discount to your purchase.

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