Trust Fall Book Club Pick #2 To Be Revealed in January!

Trust Fall holiday promoIt’s official, we’ve made our second pick for the Trust Fall Book Club! This mysterious, must-read new novel will be announced mid-January. Our first Trust Fall pick was Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. We’ve been excited to watch that book go on to meet much acclaim and an enthusiastic readership. Station Eleven was nominated for a National Book Award and has appeared on multiple Best of 2014 lists.

Our next pick – oh, we want to talk about it so much! But we’re keeping our lips sealed until January. No clues, no hints, just this assurance: we really enjoyed reading this novel. The pages flipped by so fast. It was a story that gripped us and that we found particularly difficult to put down. That’s it. If we say anything more we’re going to get too excited and give it all away.

As it’s that time of year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that a subscription to the Trust Fall Book Club may be something to consider for a very special book lover on your list. We send a surprise package four times a year that includes one debut or break-out book we adore, plus plenty of other extra goodies. You can sign up for the full quarterly subscription or select a single shipment. For more information about the Trust Fall Book Club and to subscribe, visit

We cannot wait to share this new book with you in January. Until then, merry reading!

One thought on “Trust Fall Book Club Pick #2 To Be Revealed in January!

  1. Hey can you please follow me? 🙂
    I just edited the first chapter of my novel and love your to take a look. BTW I’M FOLLOWING YOU & LOVE YOUR PAGE !!

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