Indies First Q&A with Meg Gardiner

Last year, bestselling author Sherman Alexie issued a call to arms to authors nationwide: show your support of your local independent bookstore by volunteering to work! And thus was born Indies First, happening for the second consecutive year on Small Business Saturday, November 29.

This Saturday, Austin authors Edward Carey, Mark Pryor & Meg Gardiner are putting on a BookPeople lanyard and testing their bookselling savvy right here on our sales floor. Come by and find out which books our author friends recommend!

We tossed a few quick questions at our authors to get us started. Here are answers from Meg Gardiner.

What’s the first book you remember reading?
Winnie the Pooh. (By “reading,” I mean looking at the pictures while my mom or dad read to me.)

What are you currently reading?
The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer

What book do you love and wish more people would pick up?
Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

Where is your favorite place to read?
In a sunny corner by a big picture window. But an airline seat, a subway train, or a stuck elevator will do.

Top five favorite authors. Go.
Stephen King, James Lee Burke, Sue Grafton, Jon Krakauer, Toni Morrison

When you walk into a bookstore, which section do you head to first?
New Fiction

As an author, why do you support independent bookstores?
Independent bookstores foster the love of books and the life of the imagination. They’re communities of knowledge and culture.

MEG GARDINER is the author of eleven critically acclaimed novels, including the Evan Delaney series, of which China Lake won the Edgar Award. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, she divides her time between Austin, Texas, and London.

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