New Releases – 11/18/14


Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer

Here they are, all in one sweet hardcover volume, VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; and Acceptance. You loved them in their individual paperback editions, now manage this acclaimed sci fi series (a favorite among our booksellers) in one easy-to-carry book. Joe T. says: “These novels are the pinnacle of the New Weird.”

The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson

YES YES YES. All of the Far Side cartoons – ALL OF THEM – in three massive paperback volumes housed in one cow-tastic slipcase. Hours – nay, a lifetime – of entertainment await!


The Escape by David Baldacci

When John Puller’s older brother Robert inexplicably escapes from the military’s most secure prison, where he’s being held for national security crimes, Puller finds himself part of an investigation to hunt down his own brother. As he digs more deeply into the case, Puller discovers troubling details about his brother’s conviction and that someone is out there who doesn’t want the truth to ever come out.


“Literchoor Is My Beat”: A Life of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions by Ian S. MacNiven

James Laughlin—a poet, publisher, world-class skier—was the man behind some of the most daring, revolutionary works in verse and prose of the twentieth century. As the founder of New Directions, he published Ezra Pound’s The Cantos and William Carlos Williams’s Paterson; he brought Herman Hesse and Jorge Luis Borges to an American audience. Throughout his life, this tall, charismatic intellectual, athlete, and entrepreneur preferred to stay hidden. But no longer—in “Literchoor is My Beat”: James Laughlin and New Directions, Ian S. MacNiven has given us a sensitive and revealing portrait of this visionary and the understory of the last century of American letters.

Decomposition: A Music Manifesto by Andrew Durkin

“Andrew Durkin, best known as the leader of the West Coast-based Industrial Jazz Group, asks tough questions about the complexity of our presumptions about music and about listening, especially in the digital age. In this study he challenges the age-old concept of musical composition as the work of individual genius, arguing instead that in both its composition and reception music is fundamentally a collaborative enterprise that comes into being only through mediation.”
Windows on the World: Fifty Writers, Fifty Views by Matteo Pericoli

Julie’s new release pick of the day: “I’m a reader fascinated by writers’ processes and the writing life, so this book is right up my alley. Pericoli has paired original drawings of writers’ workspaces and windows with original text from the authors. I remember catching some of these online over the years and look forward to reading all of them in one lovely volume (the publisher did a great job with the jacket). Authors include John Jeremiah Sullivan, Daniel Kehlmann (go read F right now!), Orhan Pamuk, Nadine Gordimer and many others. Someone put this in my stocking, please.”

Citizens of the Green Room: Profiles in Courage and Self Delusion by Mark Leibovich

Mark Leibovich, author of the groundbreaking #1 bestseller This Town, returns with a masterly collection of portraits of Washington’s elite, and wannabe elites. Hailed by The Washington Post as a “master of the political profile,” Leibovich has spent his career writing memorable, buzz-worthy features about politicians and other notables. Currently chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, Leibovich punctures the inflated personas of the powerful, and in reveals the lives, stories, and peculiarities behind the public masks.

Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits with the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Eric Clapton, the Faces… by Glyn Johns

Eric Clapton’s new release pick of the day: “If you remember the sixties then you probably weren’t there, unless of course your name is Glyn Johns. “Sound Man” is an intimate, humorous journey through the corridors of the music industry, as told by one of the greatest record producers of all time. I’m proud to be mentioned here and there, and to have worked with Johns on so many memorable occasions. A great read!”

Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend by Christo Brand

Assigned to the maximum security facility on remote Robben Island, prison guard Christo Brand was given charge of the country’s most infamous inmate: Nelson Mandela. For 12 years Brand watched Mandela scrub floors, empty his toilet bucket, grieve over the deaths of family and friends yet remain as strong as any freedom fighter in history. Won over by Madiba’s charm and authentic concern for the well-being of others, Brand became Mandela’s confidant and at times accomplice. His book is both a meditation on friendship and a moving testament to the dedication, determination and–most of all–humanity exuded by one of the world’s great leaders.

You Can’t Make This Up: Miracles, Memories and the Perfect Marriage of Sports and Television by Al Michaels

“One of America’s most respected sportscasters–and the play-by-play voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football–gives us a behind-the-curtain look at some of the most thrilling games and fascinating figures in modern sports.”

There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me by Brooke Shields

“Brooke Shields was raised by her Newark-tough single mom, Teri, a woman who loved the world of show business and was often a media sensation all by herself. Only Brooke knows the truth of the remarkable, difficult, complicated woman who was her mother. And now, in an honest, open memoir about her life growing up, Brooke reveals her stories and feelings.”


All of these books (and so many more) are available on our shelves at BookPeople (603 N. Lamar Blvd.) and via

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