A Look at the Upcoming Release from A Strange Object: OUR SECRET LIFE IN THE MOVIES

our secret life
From Austin’s very own, A Strange Object, comes a new title this upcoming Tuesday, November 4th. Already well-established as an independent press to watch with the release of its previous two books, Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail by Austin author Kelly Luce and Misadventure by Nicholas Grider, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Our Secret Life in the Movies by Michael McGriff & J.M. Tyree. If you haven’t heard the hype, we’re here to convince you to join us in picking up a copy this Tuesday. To start us off, check out this excerpt from Tin House.

“Wildly intelligent and deeply felt, Our Secret Life in the Movies gives us a fascinating look at American life, shot through an insightful and compassionate lens. After reading it, the world seems bigger. A tremendous book.” —Molly Antopol, author of The UnAmericans

“Reading Our Secret Life in the Movies is like finding a lost frequency on the AM dial. The voices you hear in this book are strange, hypnotic, and intensely American.” —Jim Gavin, author of Middle Men

“A book of poignant and affecting beauty. Readers are presented with characters who are losing their innocence in lockstep with the changing nation they inhabit, and the end result is a book that provides great insight into both who we are and how we got this way. A remarkable achievement.” —Skip Horack, author of The Eden Hunter


“It doesn’t take a hardboiled detective to realize that Our Secret Life in the Movies is an excellent addition to any library, regardless of whether that library’s ever going to bear the brunt of a zombie attack.” – The Austin Chronicle

“An intriguing, frequently affecting experiment that challenges its readers to think anew about sharpening and refracting their memories of both life and art.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Conclusion: ‘We are in the movies and the movies are in us.’ Brilliant.” – BBC, Between the Lines

Come by the store Tuesday, 11/2, to pick up your copy of Our Secret Life in the Movies, or pre-order your copy today via bookpeople.com!


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