REBEL YELL: One of the Best Books of 2014

rebel yell instagram

A copy of Rebel Yell, the new biography of Stonewall Jackson by S. C. Gwynne, bestselling author of Empire of the Summer Moon, has been making the bookseller rounds. Joe’s been raving about it: 

“Stonewall Jackson was a 20th century general in 19th century clothing; a deeply religious man who hated war yet only came alive whilst in combat and who realized years before everyone else (except for Sherman) that only total, unconditional war was the way to end the Civil War. Rebel Yell, the story of General Jackson, is S. C. Gwynne’s follow-up to his award winning Empire of the Summer Moon and it is a phenomenal book that returns us to a time of conflict and discord that defined and defines the American Experiment. One of the best books of 2014.

You heard it hear first – Rebel Yell does not disappoint!

Rebel Yell hits our shelves Tuesday, September 30. You can pre-order a signed, personalized copy of Rebel Yell now via 

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