It’s All Greek (Mythology) to Me

greek gods

Celebrating the release of the pithy, unique, and completely entertaining book Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, our Greek mythology-loving staff has pulled together of other Greek mythology influenced stories that are perfect for any demigod.

Don’t miss author Rick Riordan when he visits Austin in October!


The Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub
This series takes all my favorite goddess from Greek mythology and puts its own modern spin on the classic myths we fell in love with long ago. With mythical beings and strong female heroines, this is the perfect series for your goddess in training!


D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths by Ingri D’Aulaires
This book is what originally inspired my love for Greek mythology. The great illustrations and simple retellings have made this a classic perfect for anyone who wants a good introduction into the wonderful world of mythology.


The Olympians series by George O’Connor
Mythology has all the stuff that modern day comics have – heroes, villains, epic conflicts, battles, monsters, romance, and adventure – so it makes sense that someone would have made the classic myths into graphic novels. George O’Connor has created six – soon to be seven when Ares: Bringer of War comes out in January – graphic novels starring Greek gods and goddesses. These are a whole lot of fun and a completely new way to envision these familiar stories.

Thomas, Son of Ares~

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
The life of a demi-god is never easy, this is doubly true for a young half-blood who should not exist. Fathered by Poseidon, against a sacred oath, Perseus Jackson must travel across the U.S. to Hades, L.A., and return that which was stolen to prevent a deific war!


Sweet Venom, book one of the Medusa Girls Trilogy by Tera Lynn Childs
So it turns out that Medusa – you know, THE Medusa with a hair of snakes? – she is not the evil villan history made her out to be. Triplets Grace, Gretchen, and Greer descended from the Gorgon, so they learn the truth. But with monsters running amok in San Francisco, will the sisters’ supernatural powers be enough to restore order to our world? A fantastic read!

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