Thank You, BookPeople Nation, For a Smashing & Fun National Bookstore Day!

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A huge thank you to everyone who came down to the store on Saturday to celebrate our first ever National Bookstore Day for the BookPeople Nation! (Only at BookPeople.) We had an absolute blast. High spirits and joviality abounded. Y’all rocked the literary trivia. We gave away so many prizes! 

This week we’ll be sharing some of the big announcements we made on Saturday here on the blog, including our Fall author events line-up, the Big Fall Books we’re excited about, and highlights from the BookPeople 100. Come on down to the store and browse the BookPeople 100 display when you have a minute. It was dang near impossible for all of our booksellers to whittle down a list of top picks to just 100 books; so difficult, in fact, that we’re calling this one the BookPeople 100 for 2014, because we’re pretty sure we’re going to have to do this again soon. There are just too many good books!

From the very bottom of our book-lovin’ hearts, thank you for celebrating with us on Saturday. We are proud to be your local independent bookstore and look forward to sharing armloads of great new books with you as we head into the rest of 2014. Thanks for bringing the party, y’all. We can’t do this without you and are eternally grateful for your support (and your enthusiasm to just have a big ol’ day of fun). Here’s to a busy and exciting Fall season!

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