Stand Up Sit Down Book Club: THE SECOND CITY UNSCRIPTED by Mike Thomas

second city unscripted~post by Steve(n)

It is obsessive and nerdy. It is drunk and irresponsible. It is a transparent excuse to crack jokes with some buddies. It is the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club.

You are literary and vain. You are self-indulgent and ignoble. You meet on the last Monday of every month. You are the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club.

Thou art a symbol of anarchic glee. Thou art the divine light of carelessness. Thou art a disgrace to formality. Thou art the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club.

I am a subversion of all that is held in high regard. I am the bane of pretense and posturing. I am whimsy incarnate. I am the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club.

With this invocation, we call to order another meeting of the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club. This month, we honor the original godheads of improvisational comedy by discussing The Second City Unscripted: Revolution and Revelation at the World-Famous Comedy Theater by Mike Thomas.  

The Second City has been a countercultural mainstay of spur-of-the-moment hilarity since the late 1950s, when it provided a creative outlet for frustrated comic geniuses who, for whatever reason, couldn’t quite make it to New York City. As an act of rebellious irony, this small Chicago theater embraced its place on the map by deliberately choosing a diminutive handle only to vault over its perceived geographical failings and steamroll its competition on either coast. The Second City Unscripted solidifies the importance of the windy city to the comic arts by enumerating in fascinating detail the history of improvisational theater and chronicling the visionary community that launched Alan Arkin, Tina Fey, John Candy, Amy Poehler, Rick Moranis, both Belushi’s, and countless others into the dizzying stratosphere of riotous glory.

Join the Stand Up Sit Down Book Club on Monday July 28th at 7:00 p.m. to commemorate these artistic legends and maybe create our own pantheon of chuckles in an extemporaneous, roundtable discussion of The Second City Unscripted by Mike Thomas.

The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club meets on the last Monday of every month in the cafe at BookPeople to loll over the tables and “LOL” over fine, comedic literature. Swing by this month to share your favorite memories of SCTV, Saturday Night Live, and improv comedy as an art form. Just remember what you learned from Bob and Doug McKenzie: If you find a mouse in your coffee, you get it for free.

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