2014 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize Long List Announced!

The Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize Long List
was announced last week, and there are a lot of great books included. We’ve already been buzzing about a few of them at the store and certainly don’t envy the judges when it comes to picking one winner from the bunch!

remember me like thisgreat glass seaWhile we wait for the announcements of the short list and winner, you can catch nominee Josh Weil here at the store Monday, July 21 at 7PM with his debut novel (also the Statesman Selects pick of the month), The Great Glass SeaBret Anthony Johnston will visit us in September with his nominated novel, Remember Me Like Thiswhich is available on our shelves now.


You can also check out our bookseller reviews for Fourth of July Creek, and The Enchanted, which was our Top Shelf Pick for March.

fourth of july creekenchantedMolly on Fourth of July Creek: “Henderson’s prose is lyrical and unrelenting. Alcohol-fueled escapes and escapades contrast with startling moments of clarity as Rose struggles to find herself in the heady atmosphere of Haight-Ashbury and Pete struggles to find his daughter.”

Jessica on The Enchanted: “The characters in The Enchanted are so beautifully flawed and wonderfully constructed that they will stick with you for a long time after finishing this incredible literary work….This book will change you.”

untamed-statebad feminist jacketAnd three cheers for Roxane Gay! We loved An Untamed State, a powerful novel about a woman kidnapped in Haiti. We had the great pleasure of hosting Gay for a reading, which also turned into a discussion about Beyonce, because Roxane Gay is our hero. We also nabbed a few great reading recommendations from her while she was here.

Y’all should also be aware that Gay has a collection of essays coming out this August that you must not miss, Bad Feminist. 

Best of luck to everyone on this incredible list! 

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