In Support of Hachette: New & Forthcoming Titles


Here at BookPeople, we believe the book business should be about one thing: connecting readers with books. Period.

We understand that recently, for one online retailer that happens to sell books, the book business has been about something else: using its market share to not only bully our friends at Hachette Book Group, but to actively block readers from the books they want to read.

Does that sound as crazy to you as it does to us?

Here’s the promise we make to you as a supporter of your local independent bookstore: When you ask us for a book, we will do everything in our power to put it in your hands.


In support of Hachette, and in solidarity with everyone in the book industry who has had enough, we’re proud to highlight some of our favorite & forthcoming titles from Hachette.

And if you’re wondering just what exactly all of this hullabaloo is about, our CEO (and American Booksellers Association President), Steve Bercu, is happy to fill you in: steve (at)


And THANK YOU for supporting your local, independent bookstore.

2 thoughts on “In Support of Hachette: New & Forthcoming Titles

  1. I love this! And I love Hachette too. I hate to see so many bookstores closing because of the Amazon industry. I love what you guys do and support you 100%. I shared the blog post too.

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