Give Me Summer! Give Me Books!

give me give me books summer

Here at BookPeople, we believe that there is nothing better to do on a lazy summer day than to dig into a great book. And that’s why our new motto is Carpe Librum! We say: Seize the summer, and seize the book!

In this spirit, we’re happy to once again offer a free summer reading program for all our young readers going into grades K-8.

give me give me summer books

How to get started: Come to BookPeople to pick up a summer reading bookmark for your age level. You are going to want to hang on to this because it’s also your reading tracking form that you’re going to use all summer and turn back in to us before school starts.

What you get to read: We have put together a great list of 6 recommended paperbacks per age group. You get to choose at least three of these recommended books and up to three books of your own choosing –for a total of 6 great books– to read over the summer. Click on the links below to see our complete list of summer reading picks for your age group.

How to complete the challenge: Just bring back your filled out bookmark to BookPeople any time during the summer and you can add your name to our Wall of Summer Reading Stars! You’ll also receive you prize, a BookPeople gift certificate!

Read the list of recommended books over on our website.

3 thoughts on “Give Me Summer! Give Me Books!

  1. Reblogged this on Chasing Normal and commented:
    I love book reading programs, especially in the summer when kids get sidetracked with other stuff. These programs help kids keep up their reading levels during the summer break and offer a world of possibilities for their imaginations to run wild.

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